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Teacher Salaries A Hot Issue At School Board Meeting

Contract negotiations is one controversial subject on the minds of hundreds of teachers in the Beverly Hills Unified School District, who are said to be working with out a pay increase for two years, according to Chris Bushee, president of Beverly Hills Education Association 3:19 pm Read More

Lawsuit Resolved In Favor Of Beverly Hilton Project Supporters

bhc082008 In response to a lawsuit filed against them, opponents of the Beverly Hilton Revitalization Plan have agreed to stipulate to changes to their ballot statement rebuttal argument and remove misleading and inaccurate statements regarding the height of the buildings included in the project 4:16 pm Read More

Committe To Consider Removing CVB From Chamber

CITY HALL - As the City Council began discussions Tuesday of the performance audit of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce; Mayor Barry Brucker again renewed his call for the Conference and Visitors’ Bureau to be separated from the chamber 3:11 pm Read More