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George Christy 01-30-2009

     Jaunty as a bouncing elf in his athletic shoes, Rabbi Mark Borovitz welcomed the crowd during the Silent Auction before emceeing the Beit T’Shivah awards dinner at the Beverly Hilton 6:54 pm Read More

BHUSD Moves Forward To Revise Permit Policy

The Beverly Hills Board of Education is moving forward with its revision of the school district’s permit policy, as it does annually to review the number of permits to issue for the following year. 1:54 am Read More

BHUSD Criticized For Elimination Of Classes

Beverly Hills High School is being criticized for its recent elimination of most developmental courses by the Beverly Hills Education Association (otherwise known as the teacher’s union), who claim it is limiting students’ options 1:52 am Read More

Businesses Vote Against Tax Proposal

Measure P, the massive new tax hike on the March 3 ballot, is rapidly turning into a major fiasco for city staff as local businesses may join Hilton Hotels Corporation in a stampede out of Beverly Hills 3:16 am Read More

Reporter’s Notebook: Board Meeting Flings Accusations Of ‘Nazism’

Parents were whispering amongst each other, careful not to talk too loud, as I entered the high school’s Salter Family Theater, 15 minutes before the Board of Education meeting was scheduled to start. Active PTA mothers like Jillian Neal from Horace Mann and Julie Beenhower, who recently led El Rodeo’s Green Team campaign, sat in […] 10:50 pm Read More

Kickoff City Council Campaigns

Walking up to the brick home of Melanie and Woody Clark on Sunday, red white and blue signs were pushed into their front lawn, as temperatures started to rise to the 70s- unusual for a winter day. 3:28 am Read More