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Male Student ‘Grabs’ BHHS Teacher

A case involving the alleged assault of Beverly High teacher Joanie Garratt by a male student is currently under review by the District Attorney’s Office which will determine whether or not there is probable cause to make an arrest.

Garratt had entered a colleague’s classroom where the student was causing a disturbance, said the Beverly Hills Police Department. With her digital camera she videotaped the male creating the scene. He then grabbed her arm and threw her camera down, causing injury to Garrat’s and damage to the camera.

The high school’s resource officer was called to the scene as were the security guards on campus. No immediate arrest was made, according to the BHPD.

“Since there is an on-going investigation into these allegations I am not at liberty to speak in great detail,” said BHHS Principal J Guidetti.  “However, I can confirm that there was an incident which occurred in a classroom on Wednesday, Nov. 18 that necessitated disciplinary action.  

“Security and administration responded to the situation. Additionally, law enforcement has been brought into the matter.”         

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