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BH Dentist Janet Refoa Named To Top 10 Of ‘Top Doc LA’

Dr. Janet Refoa, a long-time dentist in Beverly Hills has been chosen to receive “The 2011 Los Angeles Top Doctors & Dentists Award” for her achievements in general dentistry.

She was chosen by TopDoc LA, based on several categories, such as ranking by patient popularity and satisfaction on review websites like Web MD, Yelp and Rate MD. Additional criteria like years in practice and her standing with the ADA, and CDA, as well as her unblemished dental license to name a few.

TopDoc LA will announce the winners on its Fox TV segment “Meet the 2011 Los Angeles Top Doctors & Dentists” premiering every Friday between 11 a.m.-noon inside the Dr. Oz Show in January and February 2011. Dr. Refoa plans to notify all her patients and friends when her appearance is scheduled and she receives the award.

Dr. Refoa owns and runs a multi-specialty dental clinic that does everything including general dentistry, implants, endodontics, periodontics, and cosmetic dentistry like Veneers, Invisalign, etc. She is considered one of the premier Invisalign dentists, where she straightens patients’ teeth without the use of braces.

She started her multi-specialty practice out of her concern for her patients’ overall well being. She refers to her office as her patients’ “dental home,” where everything concerning their teeth is taken care of under one roof. This way her patients save time—as she believes time is money for her patients. Procedures are done in her office, not a specialist’s in a different location. Travel from one office to another is eliminated, making patients happier. And there is less exposure to X-rays, because only one set is taken, in one office.

Dr. Refoa was surprised at the extent of research TopDoc LA undertook to issue the award. The company knew that she was in practice for more than 25 years, and that she fullfills the continuing education annual license renewal requirement above what is required.

Dr. Refoa says she “is crazy” about taking continuing education courses. “I am not doing anything now that I learned in school,” Dr. Refoa said. “Dentistry has changed that much.”

Dr. Refoa is also a strong advocate for using the latest technology in dentistry, and that is why her office is filled with state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment.

Her digital X-rays expose patients to 1/100th of the radiation of a regular X-ray machine. It’s much safer for patients as well as her staff. “Plus you can see the X-ray image instantly on the computer monitor; and patients can see what is going on with their teeth,” Dr. Refoa says.

“Often, by showing the cracks on the patient’s teeth, I have been able to save them from having unnecessary root canals, crowns, and extractions. This is all because of the technology; where I would have missed this opportunity for my patients without it,” says Dr. Refoa.

A graduate of USC school of dentistry, Dr. Refoa opened her practice in 1981 and has developed an international clientele with patients from as far as Japan, France and New York, and celebrities from all over the United States. Her goal has always been to provide an average individual with the best dental care possible. She believes that even in a city like Beverly Hills, “affordable dentistry,” and especially cosmetic dentistry is possible and should be available to the average person. That is why in her practice she offers the option of no interest financing for up to five years.

Dr. Refoa is an active member of Rotary Club of Beverly Hills, life member of Haddasah, board member of TeenLine, and a member of Sinai Temple.

JJP Dental Practice is at 435 N. Bedford Dr., Suite 108, Beverly Hills. For more information, call 310-276-2009 or visit You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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