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Interview with Creative Manager On Ema Savahl Couture

The Beverly Hills Courier had the opportunity to sit down with Creative Manager Damaris Rivera from Ema Savahl Couture. Ema Savahl creates wearable art and vintage inspired detailing. Her collection is beloved by Hollywood! Fans of her collection include Glee’s Amber Riley, E! Host Giuliana Rancic, actress Sofia Vergara and singer Katy Perry to name a few.

BHC: Can you tell us about Ema Savahl Couture?
DV: Ema Savahl is based in Miami and has been in business for about 15 years now. Her clothes are hand painted and done with silicone based paint, one by one. The unique thing about it is that once you wear it, it warms to your body and takes the shape of it.

BHC: Can you describe the process?
DV: Ema comes up with new artwork each season for each collection, which is often a transition from the previous collection or something that worked well. Ema paints the samples, does the first art work, and tests everything to be sure it hugs the body the right way. From there, two painters do the art work along with the help of seamstresses. A long fully hand painted dress could take a week to make.

BHC: Do you think Ema has created a niche for painted couture?
DV: Yes. Back in 2000, it was the butterfly top. Brooke Burke wore it and began a craze, from then on Ema was painting on all her clothing. The thing about Ema Savahl is that it’s always a one of a kind. Each dress isn’t exactly the same; there are no two of the same styles because everything is hand done and not mass produced.

BHC: And customization can be done?
DV: Yes, based on measurements, Ema can customize dresses.

BHC: Who, most recently has been seen wearing Ema Savahl?
DV: Amber Riley wore Ema Savahl to the Grammys this year and Giuliana Rancic wore her to the SAG awards. Also, Katy Perry wore her to the 2010 Grammys. Expect to see a lot of people wearing Ema!

BHC: What can we expect to see in her summer collection? What’s trending for fall?
DV: For the summer collection you can expect to see jersey knit day wear dresses. This is much different because the clothing is typically embellished. It’s a detachable evening gown, a removable skirt from the dress. You can wear the dress as a full length gown or a cocktail dress.

BHC: What type of women would she want wearing her designs?
DV: A confident, sexy, social and strong woman. Someone who is comfortable with her body because she is going to stand out. It is kind of like the art version of Herve Leger, it is forgiving but hugs the shape of the body. We have certain silhouettes that we use that are our best sellers. Strapless corsets do amazing for every woman and fits every body.

BHC: Has Ema always been interested in fashion?
DV: Fashion was something she grew into because she did not want to continue as a pro volleyball player. Ema grew up in fashion and also worked in a vintage shop where she’d revamp vintage clothing in South Beach. Shortly after, she opened her own shop in 1996.

BHC: Where does her inspiration come from?
DV: Art shows, art she’s seen in magazines…

BHC: What’s next for her?
DV: She would like to move forward with her artwork and embellished handbags, as well as necklaces.

Ema Savahl Couture can be bought at…
332 N Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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