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Magician Celebrates Sold-Out Year With New Year’s Eve Shows

     Magician Ivan Amodei has been packing them in at The Beverly Wilshire.
     So, to mark his one-year anniversary of sold-out shows, L.A.’s No. 1 magician is offering special New Year’s Eve show at 6, 8 and 10 p.m. in the hotel’s historic Le Grand Tianon Theater.
     His usual weekend shows are in the intimate 65-seat Burgundy room and the show is even labeled “Intimate Illusions—A Magical & Musical Experience.”
     With Amodei’s friendly, never stuffy or formal manner, the evening’s effect is as if a magician friend has invited you over to show you his latest tricks.
      If your friend is a world-class magician.
      Setting Amodei apart from others in his field is his witty banter throughout the 90-minute mix of mystery, comedy and magic, the copious amounts of audience participation and the high caliber of his illusions.
     The ever-changing roster of illusions might include:
     • A tribute to Houdini, where after appearing to swallow long tailor pins,  he blow-darts the them onto a spinning globe—right on countries audience members had previously chosen.
     • His version of the dart trick,  (not thrown at a terrified audience member)  where he impales a piece of candy from handfulls tossed by the willing audience member in front of the dartboard.  He easily nails the one she had autographed moments before.
     • Not just “pick a card” card tricks, but ones involving the number of years a couple’s been married and another with a signed card ending up in a Listerine bottle
     • Incorporating his ipad for some mind-numbing number manipulation—again involving the audience.
     • Using an unspecified number of Scrabble tiles and unorthodox methods to spell an audience member’s name.
     • Appearing to have Rain Man-like abilities to memorize multiple dictionaries.
     Throughout, the evening is ably accompanied and punctuated by cellist Irina Chirkova, also a member of Celine Dion’s orchestra at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas.
     Special tickets for Amodei’s New Year’s Eve shows are available through The  Courier’s Exclusive Deals site,
     —Steve Simmons

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