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From the Publisher
Clif Smith

The Beverly Hills Courier is absolutely committed to protecting, promoting and defending the City of Beverly Hills.  We make no apologies – none – for our unequivocal support for our own City.

We also think it is a hoot that the stumbling giant Los Angeles Times printed a screed against The Courier.  In our business, a daily NEVER acknowledges the existence of a WEEKLY – no matter what. Well, looks like we are on their radar screen. Could it be that our Beverly Hills Courier (as we “fawn” all over Los Angeles Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich – who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Beverly Hills) helped stop their vaunted “Measure J,” the sales tax scam that would have dried up ALL county transportation money in perpetuity?

Talk about a sore loser.  “Courier to Times:  We won.  We won.  We won.  You didn’t.”  ‘nuf said.

For our City Council race to get one inch of space in the “Los Angeles” Times is telling.  Now they’ve tried to weigh in twice!

What?  They don’t have enough going on with their own mayoral race?  Listen to their candidates.  Every one of the L.A. mayoral candidates admits our giant neighbor to the north/south/east/west is in trouble.  Their #1 fix:  cut employee pay and benefits.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Every government jurisdiction in the United States is saying the same thing.  A big difference here is that we have a mayor who has NOT reduced any of that but claims he has.  The City’s employee contracts prove that is not correct – the tiny “reduction” (if it really exists) is five years out and then only pennies.  By then, CPI raises and new health benefits will more than offset anything now on the books.

Our public employee unions are putting money up to keep up Mayor Brien.  Why?  Guess.

The West Hollywood Beverly Hills Democratic Club is putting up money (where did they get it?) to keep up Mayor Brien – and Brian Rosenstein sometimes and Nancy Krasne sometimes – but mainly Mayor Brien.  After all, he’s the true “regional” candidate.

What is really interesting is how the Willie Brien camp has now called in every marker it has to attack The Courier and insult the publisher (me)  personally! The Courier is not running for office but maybe they think we are on the ballot.

Is this healthy?  Probably.  Is it enjoyable?  No.  Not at all. But our nation was founded on vigorous political debate.  When it turns personal, that’s not what any of us likes.

We note that every attack on The Courier is a personal insult. To us, that simply means they have no facts. If they had facts, they would use them. The Courier has the facts and we use them.  They use insults, so there you go.

We believe  Beverly Hills voters are mainly interested in facts, not insults. Our City certainly tends to vote that way. Insults, personal attacks, smear campaigns are not welcome here (or at least there is no evidence up to now).

The Courier trusts in the people of Beverly Hills.  And we trust our readers enough to publish our sources, document our articles, and even write, “Don’t take our word for it – read/check/verify for yourselves.”

Our position remains unchanged:  to The Courier, the major campaign issues are:  protecting Beverly Hills High School from the Metro subway tunnels of the Westside Subway Extension; imposing fiscal sanity on Beverly Hills City finances by rewriting our public employee pay, pension and benefits to a rational sustainable level; bringing transparency to our City government; and dealing with water rates in an honest manner.

We have no quarrel “personally” with anyone. We believe in facts, sources, documentation and urge everyone else to do the same.

We are irrepressibly proud of Beverly Hills and we do not care who knows it – certainly not the Los Angeles Times (the #2 ranked newspaper in Beverly Hills). The Courier remains #1 by a wide margin.

For that, The Courier thanks the people and community of Beverly Hills – our home.

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