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The Reelect Willie Brien campaign admitted Sunday that it was responsible for the misleading mailer received by Beverly Hills residents Saturday.  That mailer – also paid for by the Brian Rosenstein campaign – called upon “Republicans” to vote for Brien and Rosenstein, despite the fact they are registered Democrats.  Brian Rosenstein denied any knowledge of the mailer, which was created by a third-party mailing house and paid for by FTA Events and Marketing.  Head of FTA, Judie Fenton, acknowledged in writing that “we paid for it.By
Former Mayor Nancy Krasne, who is also a registered Democratic, did not appear on the mailer and denied any knowledge of it.

FTA manages both the Reelect Willie Brien and Brian Rosenstein city council campaigns.

The misleading mailer follows two smear-type doorhangers and an attack email purportedly sponsored by the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills Democratic Club and an anonymous “Friends of Beverly Hills.”  A second “hit piece” email was received yesterday.  Many residents, including students away at college, complained to The Courier that the attack email came to them even though they knew of no way either the West Hollywood Democratic Club or the “Friends of Beverly Hills” could have obtained their emails.  The Courier is investigating whether Brien supporters affiliated with the Beverly Hills Education Foundation or City Hall provided the email addresses.

As the election nears, both the Krasne and John Mirisch campaigns told The Courier they “expect more dirty tricks” from the Brien camp.

Mirisch and councilmember Lili Bosse have been leaders in the fight to reform City Hall and protect residents from unwarranted fee and tax hikes.  They have also been leaders in attempts to reform City pay and pensions.  In each instance, Mayor Brien – along with councilmembers Barry Brucker and Julian Gold – opposed the reforms.  Brien is heavily supported by public employee unions and has received financial contributions from known lobbyists who mainly deal with issues involving Los Angeles but which affect Beverly Hills.

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