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From the Publisher
Clif Smith

Beverly Hills and its school district have been under attack for over two years from the Metropolitan Transit Authority for Metro’s Westside Subway Extension.

To back its route under Beverly Hills High School, Metro concocted a charade–a superficial and professionally suspect “expert” report of the geology under Beverly High and adjacent.  Surprise, surprise–that “report” said there were “active earthquake faults” which meant the “only” safe route was underneath Beverly High. Metro also claimed active faults under Beverly High would preclude remodeling, retaining or reconstructing the campus.

To fight back, BHUSD retained top experts. This was not the “usual course” for a school district. School districts usually go for “cheap” because of worries about community gripes over cost.  But you get what you pay for.  Beverly Hills adopted the gold standard in experts and investigation. The district’s experts concluded there are “no active faults” as alleged by Metro. That was not enough for Metro’s board, which steamrolled the decision without considering the school district’s data. Political contributions clearly outweighed science as Metro “pooh-poohed” the district’s findings.

Now, the California Geological Survey–which is the top geological agency in California and dates to 1860 – has been heard from:  the BHUSD’s team is correct, which means Metro is wrong. There are no active earthquake faults underneath Beverly High nor adjacent underneath Santa Monica Boule-vard. There is neither “scientific” nor geological reason to tunnel under Beverly High.

Congratulations to our Beverly Hills Unified Board of Education and its team of experts. You did it right. You paid the price to defend our only high school and you are winning – winning based on truth and science, not political payoffs.

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