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Author writes collection of celebrity-filled, no-holds-barred stories which backdrops scandalous relationship

"FerrarriMan" cover

"FerrarriMan" coverLiving the kind of life that places Sylvester Stallone and Rush Limbaugh on speed dial seems idyllic. But, for Michelle Vrasic, that life was subdued by the concealed secrets of her abusive relationship.

Her new book “FerrariMan” gives a first-hand account of her shocking relationship with successful Canadian home developer and racing hobbyist Lorne Leibel.   

“My life took some interesting twists and turns, and many friends kept telling me, ‘You’ve got to write a book,’” said Vrasic.  

The relationship began in 1989 and lasted through 2008, including a seven-year engagement. During that time, Vrasic describes an outrageous Miami lifestyle filled with nightclubs, drug addictions, sex addiction, jet setting and all the corruption, power and ego that fall in between.

The motivated author feels that the stories told within “FerrariMan” lend staggering credence to the belief that, often, the truth is stranger, and far more interesting, than fiction.

“I began writing in 1993 and have been inadvertently writing bits of this book ever since,” said Vrasic. “I began writing as a way to escape. It helped the healing process as I wrote these, often times, painful events down.”

The book includes stories of the life the couple shared, which Vrasic states would not be complete without mentioning the celebrity run-ins. These stories include Donald Trump, George Clooney, Steven Tyler and many, more.

In an attempt to keep these stories from entering the public domain, Leibel began fighting the book’s launch immediately upon learning of its existence, even going so far as to put pressure on the author by making deceptive claims in a lawsuit and acquiring an injunction to keep his name out of the book or allowing her to publish it.

For two years, this injunction kept the stories detailing the toxic relationship with her ex-fiancé from being published.

This past January, the injunction was overturned when a higher court ruled it was a violation of her First Amendment rights. Thanks to the new ruling, Vrasic can now complete the book and share the behavior most would describes as inconceivable, deviant and abusive that her ex-fiancé delivered,  culminating in the break-up.

“It was difficult to complete the book earlier not knowing how the story would have ended,” said Vrasic. “And I think the girl in me was still certain prince charming was coming to my rescue. Had that young girl finished the book, it would not have told the entire story. This ending is real, not the fairly-tale little girls across the world imagine their life will be. It’s hardcore, tell-all, no-holding-back truth. The honest stories many are too embarrassed to tell.”

Vrasic had become involved with charitable organizations since moving to Miami in the mid-1990s.  She has recently started the Steel Magnolia Foundation to aid  women and their children by providing shelter, support and counseling while they begin the long journey of removing themselves from a destructive past.

She is also currently working on a book that will help foster parents communicate with their foster children about the child’s past sexual abuse.

“Helping others, without question, encouraged me to move on and heal my own wounds,” said Vrasic. “I will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book to select women’s and children’s charities hoping to help other women overcome their obstacles.”

For more information, or to read excerpts from “FerrariMan”, visit

About the Author: Michelle Vrasic first became involved with charities while living in Miami and assisting organizations such as Children with AIDs, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. The aspiring author and dedicated philanthropist recently began the Steel Magnolia Foundation to aid women and their children by providing shelter, support, and counseling while they begin the long journey of removing themselves from their destructive past. Vrasic has also taken steps in her personal life to assist those in need by offering to become a foster parent to teenagers.  

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