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Our Wonderful Weather

From the Publisher Clif Smith

Obviously, while the rest of the United States is freezing with new records set every day for low temperatures, we here in Beverly Hills are basking in mid-summer dry heat.

So, let us announce to the “global warming” proponents that maybe, just maybe we’re prepared to convert from “climate denier” to a “man-caused global warming” advocate.

We say: “If carbon dioxide is making the trees greener and our weather warmer, we’re all for it.”   For those of us who prefer tennis or golf or sailing or soccer to cross-country skiing or snowboarding, we can smirk about how “the weather” is now on our side.

Fascinating how so little science has triggered so much political activism.   You cannot discuss EVIDENCE about global temperatures.   You have to act like it’s blasphemy even to ask some simple questions.

What we do know is that the international “global warming” community was created with conspiracies and political hit-jobs.   The leaked email trail among its proponents destroyed much of whatever credibility existed among the “scientists” whose [now admittedly wrong] computer models predicted the Earth turning warmer.   What about figuring out how much warmer?   Turns out they put the thermometers near cities that retained the day’s heat.   Of course the temperatures were higher next to the stove than next to an ice chest full of beer.

And about that polar ice cap – you know, the one that is disappearing somewhere?   Real science journals reported this week that some actual researchers looked under that ice cap and found – guess what?   These honest scientists (read:   “real scientists,” not the grant-seeking politically-correct cabal that has milked this “global warming” hysteria for billions) discovered that the once-larger ice cap had grown so large that the bottom of the ice shelf ground down the top of a submerged mountain range.   The mountains had blocked ocean water circulation underneath the ice cap.   Once the water flow returned, the ice cap shrank.   It shrank because of water circulation, not temperature change.

Think about putting ice cubes into ice water just sitting there.   They don’t melt very fast, do they?   Now think about running the same ice water over the ice cubes – the ice cubes melt faster!   How about that?   Nature acts exactly as it normally does.

Of course, this kind of writing puts us into the category of “deniers.”   To “deny” real facts should be scientific blasphemy.   Instead, today citing facts is considered “denying” and that is supposed to be the blasphemy.

We also know from this week’s reports on the National Security Agency’s tapping of our phones and recording of our text messages that none of it has really helped catch the bad guys.   But who is the real “enemy” here?   Apparently not Al Qaeda.   We’re letting them regain or take over vast swaths of Iraq and elsewhere while the federal government buys billions of bullets for the Social Security Administration.   How is Social Security going to stop the terrorists?   Wait for them to come in to collect their monthly checks?

It’s also been interesting to watch the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, give the Obama Administration a great media circus to divert attention from its misuse of the FBI and Internal Revenue Service.   Gov. Christie could come here to Southern California to learn how to tie up traffic without really trying – just repave a road or highway.   Once that’s been done, we know it is time for the utility companies to tear up the streets to put in new power or gas lines.   Happens every time.   (“New paving?   Tear it up for new pipes!”)     Christie’s staff’s bad judgment was taking matters into their own hands.   Instead of trying to harass that one city, they should have given the city a repaving grant.   The traffic tie-up would have been much worse and lasted a lot longer.   See how much smarter we are in California when it comes to tying up traffic?

This is so filled with irony, much of this would be funny if it were not so serious.   But it is serious and there’s not much any of us can do about it.

So, enjoy the sunshine and just remember, we live in Beverly Hills and “they” do not.

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