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Green Party Founder calling for changes to benefit special needs children in schools

(PR NewsChannel) / March 6, 2014 / TAMPA, Fla.

H2 PictureIn a press conference set for Tuesday March 11, candidate for (Name of school board) School Board Randy Toler will be discussing future challenges for special needs students and the digitalization of classrooms, among other issues. 

In attendance will be Mr. Toler, with his wife and three children, the youngest of which is autistic. On the agenda is a discussion regarding the broken processes that resulted in the tragic deaths of two special needs students. 

Pasco teachers were videotaped giving four severely disabled students Florida’s Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). In Orange County 11-year old Ethan Rediske was not meeting his hospital home-bound curriculum requirements, yet his teacher continued to make while he was dying. 

“Statewide and locally common sense is in short supply,” stated Mr. Toler who will call on Speaker Will Weatherford and the Hillsborough School Board for fast action. “These incidents and policies were unacceptable and we need to put an end to this government out-of-control nonsense.”

Mr. Toler is calling for new leadership on the Board to correct “lack of oversight and transparency” that is needed to steer the district into safe harbor.

“The crush of world technological innovation barreling down the tracks leaves Hillsborough County Education system in the caboose looking backwards,” says Mr. Toler. “Voters are clamoring for strong new leadership and experience to make a difference. I believe I fit that bill.”

Mr. Toler has been a national leader for three decades and has worked for the largest independent mainframe software company in the world the past 8 years. With a Bachelor’s degree in public administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia, Mr. Toler’s experience includes selling educational solutions through partners as well as eco-software, DevAps, the Cloud and Green IT. 

Press Conference Details
Who: Mr. Randy Toler, candidate for Florida School Board
When: Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Where: 901 East Kennedy (In front of District HQ), Tampa, FL 33602

Media Contact:
Randy Toler
Phone: (813) 748-7340

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