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SiliconBeachClearly: Our Interview With Breathypnosis Creator Michal Gregus

Posted Tuesday, May 27 – 7:45 a.m.

Latest breaking from SiliconBeachClearly.comWe in the start-up world are particularly apt to forget the need for balance between our working lives and “me time.” As much as we crave the rush of success, it’s important sometimes to a step back from the fast-paced lifestyle and enjoy a little R&R. That’s true of all professions and at all levels. Letting stress spiral out of control is surefire way to a world of hurt and ill health.

Recognizing the need for a new way to alleviate tension, Michal Gregus developed the RESET technique, a cross-pollination of various stress-management tools, but a vision that’s uniquely his own. We caught up with the pioneer to discuss his inspiration for the classes (held in West Hollywood and Westwood), how it differs from more familiar de-stress methods, as well as his favorite spots to kick back and enjoy the city.

SBC: How did you come up with the RESET technique? What makes it different from meditation, yoga, and/or hypnotism?
Michal: RESET uses a new method called Breathypnosis. It’s a combination of breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and my guidance to get you into a light hypnotic state where you let go of tension, stress, and anxiety and find an absolute relaxation.

I created it because I used to work in a very high-stress environments and saw we all could use a little help managing our stress levels and letting go. I noticed I didn’t know how to really relax and I had hard time releasing tension and found out lot of people in my life felt the same way.

RESET is not a meditation — we don’t try to quiet our minds — quite the opposite. I encourage everyone to let their feelings and thoughts flow. So there is no need to feel intimated or worried you won’t be able to have the experience.

It’s not yoga, as it doesn’t require any physical activity other than simple muscle tension and release exercises that are easily done by anyone. RESET uses elements of hypnotherapy to allow us to tap into our subconscious mind, not just for the immediate release, but when practiced regularly, it’s designed to train your subconscious mind to handle stress better, be more focused, and less reactive, and even sleep and breathe better without having to think about it.

SBC: Are you really under hypnosis? If so, how did you learn this?
Michal: You’re in a light hypnotic state. It’s a restful state when your body finds deep rest and your mind gains clarity.  Lot of people misunderstand what hypnosis really is. There is a myth that in hypnotic state you get people to do weird stuff, against their will. It’s not true. You can’t get people to do something they don’t want to. That simple. Hypnosis is all about distracting your critical mind, to get into your subconscious where all your habits and memories are stored, so it’s easier to remove bad habits and replace them with healthier suggestions.  I took a course in hypnotherapy along my studies in stress management as I knew it would compliment what I envisioned RESET to be.

SBC: Are most of your clients new or repeats? How do they hear about you? Have they tried many other techniques that didn’t work?
Michal: Most of my clients are repeats. They heard about me through word of mouth and some media. I have been fortunate enough to have been on TV and recently in [the] Los Angeles Times. But I am a firm believer in a word of mouth. Especially with what I do — It’s unlike anything else out there, so it’s easier to explain once you’ve experienced it. And it’s also the biggest compliment: a client referral.

Lots of my clients tried traditional mediation and different breath-work classes. And even though they say it didn’t work for them, I believe there is something for everyone. Every method out there has it’s benefits. Which is so amazing. We are all so different. The important thing is to find what it is for you, and just to do something, to take care of yourself, whatever way you choose. Yoga, meditation, RESET … It’s important for a happy, healthy, balanced life.

SBC: What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in introducing this technique and getting the word out?
Michal: It’s new. So educating people about what it really is, without them having had the chance to experience it is the hardest part. Once they do, it’s much easier.

SBC: How can our readers support you, other than by attending your classes?
Michal: Sharing the information and spreading the love. Sharing equals caring. It’s a matter of two clicks.

We are all just people, and life isn’t always grand, and we all need a little bit of help and a break. We all have our fears, worries, and insecurities, and only by sharing that and learning to let go, we can get better. You never know who’s sanity or even life you might save by letting them know that there is help.

SBC: Is Breathypnosis currently only taught in Los Angeles? Do you see yourself expanding it? What challenges do you think that will entail?
Michal: Yes, currently only in L.A. [I’m] very much interested in expanding, as we all can use help with letting go of tension and stress. Deal with anxiety and getting a better good night sleep without the medication. We are constantly told to do more, to have more to control, but nobody tells us how to release the tension and stress we are under pretty much all the time. That’s what RESET is for. The challenges will be, again, educating people and [obtaining] capital. But I have learned a great deal of patience. So I am in no rush. Good things take time.

SBC: How do you balance being an entrepreneur, often a very stressful job, with being someone who specializes in relaxation?
Michal: First, you have to practice what you preach. And second, every class I teach has a profound relaxing effect on me as well. So that is a huge benefit that I didn’t even plan for. But honestly, I have started businesses in the past, and I have learned the hard way. I stopped trying to control everything, compare myself to others, not sweat the little stuff, and let go of my ego, as that what’s usually the cause of a lot of stress and anxiety.

SBC: What advice do you have for our readers, many of whom work for start-ups or are considering starting companies of their own (both in terms of entrepreneurialism and how to balance that with a healthy lifestyle)?
Michal: My advice? Be passionate and believe in yourself, what you do, and what you’re offering. Because if you don’t, nobody else will believe you. And second, enjoy every single day, the process of learning and remember why you started the business in the first place, instead of being constantly weighed down by the big goal and the final outcome.

Joy is contagious and people can feel it. And they respond to it differently, as when you’re desperate chasing some numbers. Make every day an adventure and each time you start freaking out about how you’re going to pay your bills, remember that you have made it through tough situations before, and you will make it thru again. Don’t let fear or doubt cloud your creativity and take away the joy of what you do. Have fun!

SBC: What are your favorite places to go out in Los Angeles?
Michal: I love to get my ‘sweat on’ in different places. My guilty pleasure is Xtend Barre in West Hollywood. Juice Served Here on Third Street has amazing fresh-pressed juices, and my favorite hangout places are Commissary coffee on Fairfax — from there I can easily scoot down a couple chairs to my other neighborhood favorite, Fat Dog, for happy hour. But to be perfectly honest, I generally don’t care where I am, but more about who I am with. Because that’s what makes the experience.

SBC: Anything you’d like to add?
Michal: Just smile and breathe. Everything is going to be ok.

Make an appointment for a RESET class by calling (310) 497-8875. To check out the RESET Facebook page, click here.

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