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Gov. Brown Declares Wildfire Emergency in California

Posted Tuesday, August 5 – 3:10 PM
By Brandon Broukhim
Gov. Jerry Brown of California declared a wildfire emergency in California in the wake of more than a dozen wildfires that now blaze across the state. As California’s drought continues to parch the Los Angeles area, together with the hot summer weather, there is an increased risk for wildfires.
To keep families as safe as possible during these hot months, here are a few tips about fire safety:

-Have an emergency meeting place both outside your home and outside the immediate area is important. These points will allow all family members to meet in the case of an emergency;

-Clear materials around your house that may become fuel for a fire and keep all shrubs and plant materials off your home and roof. Create an area around your home to protect wildfires from spreading, using fireproof materials;

-If a fire does start near your home, close all windows, preventing small but deadly embers from entering your home.

-For your yard, make sure any wood is at minimum 30 feet from any buildings and also any possible plants that could catch on fire 10 feet away from the wood.

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