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Month: July 2014

Saban Institute, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Researchers Study Zebrafish To Lead To Advances In Repairing Heart Damage

Coronary vasculature in zebrafish. Studying zebrafish, investigators at The Saban Research Institute and the Heart Institute of Children's Hospital Los Angeles discovered a new source for cells that can develop into coronary vessels and have identified the signaling protein that guides the process. "This furthers our efforts into heart regeneration to repair human hearts," said Dr. Ching-Ling (Ellen) Lien. 5:11 pm Read More

800-Pound Bahia Emerald May Finally Have an Owner

bahia emerald A fight for ownership of the 840-pound Bahia emerald may have come to an end after a judge issued a tentative ruling granting a claim to title to the gem to three businessmen who say one of their members paid $1.3 million for the precious stone and that they collectively kept possession of it until it was taken into the custody of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in 2008. 12:39 pm Read More


TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (May 28). Your world will grow, but don’t worry–your influence will, too. New projects beckon you in June. Apply what you learned (to prove  you learned it), and you’ll have a round of beginner’s luck. Making money inspires you to make more in July. September brings sparkling new relationships and peace to those who were ailing. Aries and Libra people adore you.

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Beverly Hills News – Christiansen Award Grows To $16.1M With Attorneys Fees

It was a bad day in court last Friday for the Beverly Hills Unified School District when L.A. Superior Court Judge Stephen Czuleger ruled against a new trial  in the case involving former BHUSD facilities manager Karen Christiansen and further tacked on another $2.4 million in attorney’s fees owed to Christiansen’s defense team. Together with the $13.7 million in damages a jury determined Christiansen was due in March, the BHUSD is now looking at a possible $16.1 million payout, which doesn’t include the millions of dollars already expended on its own legal defense. 6:16 pm Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills Pedals Toward Bike Share

The Beverly Hills City Council approved a request for $165,000 for the purchase of 50 smart bicycles, 50 docking stations and two solar information kiosks with related equipment, based on “contract terms established by the city of Santa Monica bikeshare program” Monday. 6:13 pm Read More

Beverly Hills News – Beverly Hills High School Says Goodbye To Program Improvement, Title 1 Funds

Beverly Hills High School is poised to liberate itself from the stigma of being labeled a “Program Improvement” school following a decision by the Board of Education to shift its Title 1 funds from the high school to Horace Mann and Hawthorne. The school acquired the maligned title after the state changed its evaluation criteria for schools accessing the funds to require 100 percent proficiency on the California High School Exit Examination - an ostensibly unrealistic marker that affected scores of districts throughout the state. 6:11 pm Read More

Halstrom Academy inaugurated the newest of its 15 campuses (now in Beverly Hills!) with an open house and ribbon cutting by Beverly Hills Vice Mayor John A. MirischHalstrom Academy –

L-Halstrom Halstrom Academy inaugurated the newest of its 15 campuses (now in Beverly Hills!) with an open house and ribbon cutting by Beverly Hills Vice Mayor John A. Mirisch. Pictured (from left): Halstrom Director of Community Outreach Tori Montgomery, Mirisch, Halstrom Academy Beverly Hills Director Chanel Crawford, Halstrom Academy LA Regional Director Lisa Bournoutian, and Halstrom student Annelise Gudenkauf. 5:25 pm Read More