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Month: July 2014

Oscars Ratings Hit Eight-Year Low

Viewership for ABC's Oscars telecast was the smallest since 2008, averaging 34.3 million viewers, according to preliminary figures released today by Nielsen. The audience for Sunday's ceremony hosted by comedian Chris Rock at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood was 6.3 percent smaller than the preliminary 36.6- million average for last year's ceremony hosted by actor Neil Patrick Harris. 3:42 pm Read More

Clinton, Trump Score First Super Tuesday Wins

rsz_24250809603_641468c3c8_o Voters in a dozen states headed to the polls Tuesday in what is deemed the most pivotal day of the White House primaries, with frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hoping to wipe out all rivals for their party nominations.   10:39 am Read More

Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Rise In Los Angeles

Nearly a dozen anti-Muslim/Middle Easterner hate crimes were reported in Los Angeles County in November and December, compared with one such crime during the comparable period in 2014, it was announced today.   10:13 am Read More

Beverly Hills News – City To Enter $1 Million Agreement With Developers On Townscape Project

The City Council Consent Calendar, usually approved with one vote on several items unless an item is pulled by a council member for more discussion, includes an item wherein the City of Beverly Hills will enter into a $1 million agreement with Angelo Gordon Real Estate Inc., associated with the "informal public evaluation of the Townscape Partners development proposal for City property surrounding 336 Foothill Road and 9268 Third Street." 6:45 pm Read More

Clinton Wins South Carolina

ap97815639808  Hillary Clinton is eyeing a decisive win in South Carolina's Democratic presidential nomination race, hoping to gain momentum against Bernie Sanders before the high-stakes "Super Tuesday" contest. 3:56 pm Read More

Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump

11857769754_a16fa47d0a_z Former White House contender Chris Christie formally backed Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination on Friday, becoming the first major party figure to endorse the billionaire.   10:42 am Read More


TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (Feb. 26). You've an eye for beauty, and you'll be surrounded by it this year. Before March is over you'll be unofficially in charge of a project that's even less official, which is officially the best position to be in! A loved one makes you proud in May. In July there will be money from an investment you made long ago. Sagittarius and Virgo adore you.

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