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Beverly Hills News – Board Of Education To Vote Tonight On Removing Hard Cap Of 20:1 For K-8

Posted: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – 11:04 AM

Former Beverly Hills Unified School District President Brian Goldberg took to his email newsletter this morning to inform the community that tonight’s Board of Education vote to remove a 20:1 hard cap on K-3 classroom sizes is an “outrage”.

“Class sizes could rise to over 28 students in a K-3 class as long as the average class size for that grade does not exceed 24 district wide,” Goldberg wrote in his email. “Not only will this decision to raise class size have immediate negative impacts on the current K-3 students, but it will have long term devastating impacts on our students moving forward through graduation at Beverly.”

The proposed change to Board Policy 6151 comes concurrent with layoffs now taking place throughout the district in order for the BHUSD to operate within its budget. The “hard cap” class size limit of 20 students per teacher was instituted in 2001.

The policy states: “The highest priority for maintaining small class sizes shall be in the primary grades in order to support young students as they acquire the basic skills that serve as the foundation for subsequent learning.”

The Board of Education meeting begins at 5 p.m. in the STC auditorium at Beverly Hills High School.

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