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Beverly Hills News – Hiring/Firing Oversight Ordinance Is On City Council Consent Calendar

Posted: Sunday, August 14, 2016 – 10:32 PM

By Victoria Talbot

An ordinance that will give the City Council a say in the hiring and retention of Assistant City Managers, Deputy City Managers and Department Heads is on Tuesday’s Consent Calendar (Item D-10) for the City Council Formal Meeting.

The ordinance amends Article 2, Chapter 5 of Title 2 of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code to add a provision that changes the appointment process for the positions. 

Whereas in the past such was solely the purview of the City Manager, the City Council will now be consulted for advice and consent when hiring. Upon approval, the City Manager will complete the appointment.

The City Council will also have the right to evaluate and dismiss or release any Assistant City Manager, Deputy City Manager or Department Head for which advice and consent is required. City Council members can place personnel evaluations on the closed session agenda for those positions and. at the request of three or more council members, the City Manager will agendize dismissal for a closed session agenda item.

The ordinance will add an extra layer of checks and balances by sharing the authority for hiring and firing top-level personnel at the City.


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