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Letters to the Editor — 8/12/16

Posted: Monday, August 15, 2016 – 2:35 PM

For many people 13 is an unlucky even ominous number. Not so for me.

It was 13 years ago that Brigitte and I moved into our Olympic Boulevard apartment where so much profound happiness has taken place. It’s hard to picture living anywhere else.

When we first saw the apartment, I knew it was to be our first home as a newly married couple. I liked the bay window in the kitchen that looks out north into the neighborhood and the fountain in the courtyard, that has become such a fixture in our lives as a soothing lullabye, along with my Astrud Gilberto and Sinatra CDs.

We didn’t know how long we could stay in our petit chateau, with it’s balcony outside our bedroom, when we got here in 2003. When Sofia was born in 2006, we kept her in the bedroom with us, as we only had one bedroom.

It worked out fine as the apartment, first built in 1939, is very large in layout and we felt we had sufficient space to stay on. We didn’t want to leave our home.

In 2008 Olympia was born, and we decided to give the girls the bedroom and we moved our Eastern King bed (those are wider as opposed to California King, which is longer at the foot of the bed) into the living room and turned it into a “master suite” with love seat couch and leather chair from Pottery Barn, which all these years later has held up amazingly well.

Now 13 years later and we still live in our little “treehouse” with the girls, who admittedly would like to have their own room, but we’re not giving up the dining room. You don’t need a lot of space when you fill it with love and warmth of family.

We love our neighborhood and the local school, El Rodeo, which has been incredible for the girls. We are thankful every day to be here in Beverly Hills and plan to stay a very long time. After all, where else would I get a high school track to run on with the lights on til 9 p.m.?

Hal Lifson

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