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Beverly Hills News – Hilton Initiative Forum Participation Deadline Tonight at 5 p.m.

Posted: Monday, September 19, 2016 – 1:27 PM

The City of Beverly Hills is asking those who wish to participate in the Hilton Initiative forum to sign a Civility Agreement, perhaps a reflection on uncivil behaviors in regards to this subject. 

The deadline to submit participant speaker names for the Hilton Initiative Forum is today at 5 p.m. Speakers will need to provide a signed copy of both the meeting format rules and civility agreement either electronically or in-person.  For questions, contact City Manager Mahdi Aluzri or Huma Ahmed at 310-285-2457.

For those who wish to participate they must sign the following agreement:


Council Chambers, City Hall, Beverly Hills Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 7:00PM

I accept the invitation of the City of Beverly Hills and I agree to participate in the forum on the Hilton Initiative on Thursday, September 29, 2016.

I agree to the following terms of participation:

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m., September 29, 2016. Speakers must arrive no later than 6:30 p.m. Place: Council Chambers, City Hall
Parking: Ample parking is available at the Rexford Parking Structure (adjacent to the Beverly Hills Library)

Audience: Admission is free and open to the public.
Moderator: Elizabeth Ralston, League of Women Voters of Los Angeles


Welcome and Introductions by the moderator.


  The moderator will introduce the speakers and explain the ground rules (see

description of introduction below). There will be up to three speakers representing

each side. (Approximately 10 minutes)


  The ballot question for Measure HH and a diagrams of the site under the existing

specific plan and the proposed specific plan ( pages A-1 and A-2 of the initiative) will be displayed on a screen throughout the forum, except if the screen is being used in the initial presentation/rebuttals


  The speakers favoring Measure HH will have 10 minutes to present their case, followed by 10 minutes for the opposition to present its case (20 minutes)


  Each side will then have 5 minutes to present rebuttal arguments (10 minutes)


  Each side may display visual material during its initial presentation.


  Approximately 40 minutes will be devoted to a question period.

o Audience members may submit questions in writing on notecards provided for this purpose. The question must say to which side it is directed.
o League of Women Voters volunteers will gather and sort questions,

combining similar questions and then passing them to the moderator
o The moderator will pose audience questions to one side. In general, one

speaker from that side will have two minutes to respond to the question and one speaker from other side will then have one minute to respond. The speakers on each side must decide among themselves who responds.

o Each side may submit up to 5 questions in advance that it would like to see asked of the other side. In general, preference will be given to questions from the audience.

o Questions will be alternated between sides.


  Speakers are not permitted to engage in personal attacks against any other speaker.


  Each side will be given 3 minutes for a closing statement. The Pro side will speak first. Promotional Material:


  Each side will be permitted to share promotional materials outside the auditorium after

the forum. A table will be available for each candidate outside the auditorium (pre- designated area) to display promotional literature, signs, buttons, etc. The promotional material will be covered prior to the forum, and will be available for members of the audience only after the forum concludes.


  No promotional material of any kind, including buttons, t-shirts, signs, placards or banners, will be permitted inside the forum venue by the speakers, campaign staff or members of the audience.


  Broadcast: The Forum will be live-streamed and live-broadcast and will be available online after the conclusion of the forum. No recording of the forum may be used to imply endorsement of one side or another by the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles.

Timing Rules/Enforcement:

  •   Timing for each side will be strictly enforced.

  •   Each side can determine who speaks for their group; it can be one or more speakers.

  •   However, additional time may not be added by any side, regardless of the number of

    speakers for their group.

  •   Failure to comply with the format and civility rules may result in that participant

    being disqualified from speaking in the forum.

  •   Participants will observe the spirit of the Beverly Hills civility agreement for


    Submission of Participant Names:

 Each side can have 1-3 participants. Deadline to submit participant names will be Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 5:00PM.

Please complete the following:

Participation Form

Identification: (e.g., President of XX Homeowners, City Council, Vice-President of XX

corporation) – (How would you like to be identified by moderator.)

Financial interest of you and/or your family in this campaign: (e.g., I /my spouse/child is employed by Hilton, Wanda, etc. I have been hired to do PR work for the Pro/Con side):

Sample introductions: “John Doe is the paid campaign manager for the No on Measure HH Campaign,” “John Doe is a Beverly Hills homeowner. His wife is Mary Smith, who is a vice- president of XX, which supports/opposes the measure.”

I agree to abide by the format and civility rules as set forth by the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles:


_____________________________ Speaker in Favor/ Opposed to Measure HH (Circle 1)

_______________________________ Print Name

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