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Month: July 2014

Halloween Safety Tips For Pets

While Halloween is an exciting time for children -- and many adults -- it may not be as much fun for pets, who can easily become spooked by the repeated ringing of doorbells or knocking on doors, and Southland animal officials urge pet-owners to take precautions.   9:46 am Read More

The Courier’s 2016 Election Endorsements

Measure HH (Hilton Initiative): YesIn addition to a new 26-story building at the City’s gateway, “yes on HH” means a new 1.7 acre garden that will be open to the public (the covenant has been recorded by the county) and will bring $33 million in additional revenue on top of all the previously guaranteed development […] 4:43 pm Read More

Criticism Grows In China As Xi’s Star Rises

XiJinping_2262685b Chinese Communist chief Xi Jinping's ascension to the highest title in the party hierarchy formalizes his position as its pre-eminent figure, analysts said, making him the country’s most powerful leader in a generation and inviting comparisons with Mao Zedong.   10:04 am Read More

Southern Californians Wake Up To Surprise Friday Storm

215be1a98900fd2ccfe7695637a541a87ebf97ac A storm that turns out to be weaker than had been expected slid into the Southland Friday and generated rainfall over a wide area, still threatening to unleash mud and debris down slopes denuded by wildfires but only if thunderstorms develop, according to the National Weather Service.   9:44 am Read More


TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Oct. 28). The thing you wanted to make your own will finally be yours. Happiness! But wait—working out the maintenance plan is key through the next 10 weeks. There’s a don't-miss investment opportunity in November. A family victory will happen because of you in January. Lifestyle upgrades happen in August. Sagittarius and Aquarius adore you.

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