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Beverly Hills News -City Council to Set Hearing Date for 332-336 Oakhurst Appeal Tuesday

Posted: Monday, November 14, 2016 – 11:08 AM

The Beverly Hills City Council will discuss setting a hearing date for the property located at 332-336 North Oakhurst Drive, a bi-jurisdictional property that lies partially in Beverly Hills and partially in Los Angeles.

The property has been the subject of controversy for the past three years as a developer has sought to demolish the existing structure and to replace it with a 26-unit condominium building that is 4 stories and 52 feet high in the Los Angeles portion and three stories and 39 feet high in the Beverly Hills portion.

Last month, the Beverly Hills Planning Commission gave their approval of the proposed project. However, some residents feel that the Environmental Impact Report was not thorough regarding impacts and historic significance.

Neighbors on the street have fought the development in an effort to preserve the multi-family dwelling neighborhood, a pocket of resistance to the ongoing demolitions that have made a steel-and-glass neighborhood of most blocks in the area.

The appeal, filed by resident Steve Mayer, is for the decision of the Planning Commission in Los Angeles regarding the proposed development of and vesting tentative tract map for the property.

An appeal immediately stays any further construction action, but in this case, the developer has taken the next step and already filed for a demolition permit. Los Angeles has the lead agency

The buildings have been deemed of historic significance, according to reports from both Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and the neighborhood has been deemed a potential historic district.

The public hearing is set for the City Council formal session at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers Tuesday.

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