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Letters to the Editor – 11/11/16

Posted: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 – 12:19 PM

Our local election this week had me thinking a lot about The Beverly Hilton and its incredible significance here in our City.

My first visit to The Beverly Hilton was way back in the mid-1960s when my Aunt Miriam and Uncle Herb Liberman took me there with my parents for a fancy brunch that far outweighed my regular visits to the Encino House of Pancakes (still there).

The hotel was classy and moumental in its stature and I recall getting one of those squeeze to open rubber coin purses in the hotel gift shop that special day.

Today, many decades later, the prestige and warmth of the hotel remains intact under the watchful ownership of Beny Alagem.

My wife Brigitte and I had our engagement dinner at Trader Vic’s in February 2003 and have taken our daughters to movie nights the Hilton hosted on a large wall outdoors by the majestic swimming pool a few years back. It was a rare treat to watch family films and musicals like My Fair Lady while reclining in lounge chairs under summer stars.

I am hoping these movie nights will return someday. Alas, Trader Vic’s is gone, but we have the Trader Vic’s Lounge as a nod to the legacy of the Mai Tai and patrons like Sinatra and Hugh Hefner, who were regulars.

The Hilton has hosted many U.S. Presidents from JFK to Barack Obama in recent years. The Hilton and its owner have played host to many events here in Beverly Hills including El Rodeo School graduations and the venerable Golden Globe Awards.

At a recent meeting at the hotel, Beny Alagem spoke warmly and with palpable passion for the neighborhood that he has lived in for 40 years, remarking that he wanted to “build a park for the kids at El Rodeo to look out at instead of a building.”

Those words really resonated with me. As we greeted Beny he told our girls they could “visit the new bakery at the park, even before it opens.” I kept thinking: “We have such incredible hospitality in our neighborhood.”

Such good manners are on constant display with many people who serve our City, like the police and fire department staff, several of whom were in attendance that evening.

We are lucky to have The Beverly Hilton still standing in our City for 62 years and after leaving the recent event, I wished I could go home and catch The Merv Griffin talk show because I think Adam West (who played Batman on TV in 1966) is one of tonight’s guests!!
Hal Lifson

Donald Trump obviously pushed the right buttons with enough voters to win the election. Before I go on, let me say that I disliked very much, the awful comments he has made over the years about women. He has also been responsible for other memorable quotes.

However, he was right about the issues and problems facing this nation. Obama Care is a complete disaster.

It needs to be done away with. Hillary wanted to save parts of it, but why would anyone want to save parts of something that doesn’t work. Trump wants to stop the flow of refugees. Hillary wanted to bring in tens of thousands more from Syria. But only the good ones.

Really Hillary? How can you tell the good from the bad?

Syria is being blown to bits. Where is the paperwork to document these “good” ones.

It’s not like there is a nice, plush office sitting in the middle of the carnage with documentation for people. Also, we have countless Americans sleeping in the streets of our cities and towns. To bring in refugees and house them with food and medical care while ignoring our poor is wrong.

Hillary just didn’t get it. Her addressing crowds with her arms waving and smiling and yelling things like “I’m OK” and “What a great day” and “I’ve done nothing wrong” grew tired with the voters. Her history of abusing power and getting away with it became an issue.

Her handing of those 33,000 emails was the beginning of the end. She bested Trump in two out of three debates but it didn’t matter. No one knew what to believe from her. If you can’t be trusted, that’s a problem. I will mention that I would one day love to say … Madam President. After all, girl power rocks. However, I knew months ago that Hillary Clinton was going to lose. Here is something I posted on the Internet before the election.

It really explains why and turned out to be true … Forget the polls. Two or three weeks ago, Hillary Clinton drew a crowd of 59 people in Ohio. At another Hillary event (indoors), half the seats were empty. Meanwhile, all across the country, Donald Trump was packing stadiums, had lines blocks long, had standing room only crowds and more.

My sister attended a Trump rally in New Hampshire and she said there was so many people at it that it seemed like God was speaking. How can the polls be right when this is going on?

Answer … The polls are a joke, but the press loves them. The voters however, love Trump, which is why he will be the next president of the United States.

George Vreeland Hill


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