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George Christy Talks About Madonna, First Lady Melania Trump and More!

Melania Trump

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She’s angry.

She raging.

Is she crazy?

Madonna said during Saturday’s Women’s March that she wants to bomb the White House, a remark she later claimed was “wildly taken out of context.”

Is it of national import that Madonna is angry, and screeching her anger to the world. People we know shake their heads. “She is sick, and needs help.”

Angry subliminally, as well. That, facing her mid-50s,  Father Time is gaining on her. As that nasty old devil does for everyone. We will never forget the photographs in her coffee-table tome, Sex, replete with images … best we not go there. We were shown several pages by our bookseller who received a sample edition and who couldn’t wait to trash it. Trashed it. One worries about her children.

Yes, Madonna offered sexual favors for those who would vote for her presidential candidate who lost. As we once mentioned then: no takers.

With Father Time encroaching on us all, Madam Goddam, if you will,  may consider taking up knitting.  Or crochet.  Or watercolor painting, as our dear elders often do.  Better yet, join a book club for a healthy dose of enlightenment.

Meanwhile, the swearing-in ceremony of our Commander-in-Chief drew the second largest television audience in inaugural history, as reported by Nielsen.

The historic event affirmed that you don’t need egotisticcal celebrities, what’s best are the marching bands.

Wouldn’t you know that the  diehard liberal broadcaster Chris Matthews of MSNBC was caught accidentally on a “hot mike” going bananas over the sexual allure of First Lady Melania Trump, a statuesque Balkan goddess.

The New York Times’ fashion reporter Vanessa Friedman praised Melania’s Ralph Lauren powder-blue cashmere coat dress and scarf jacket that warmed her against those icy D.C. January winds…  Vanessa added that the “limousine liberal” ladies are angry (that word again!) and boycotting Ralph Lauren shops. Considering the vast and powerful global design and retail  empire of Ralph Lauren, will this matter?  Don’t think so.

Let us compliment the good looks of the Trump family.  All handsomely attired and well-coiffed (the brothers with neat clean haircuts … refreshingly, no grunge here.

“The kids are all right,”       headlines the New York Post. 

Donald Jr., 39, Ivanka, 35, Eric, 33, are the issue of the President’s first wife, Ivana.  The mother of Tiffany Trump, 23, is second wife Marla Maples, and Barron, 10, the son of Melania Trump, is “a computer whiz.”  He speaks Slovenian, his mother’s native language.  He and Melania are remaining in Manhattan for Barron to complete his school year, and will relocate to Washington by the summer.

Ivanka and Donald Jr. are graduates of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and Eric, who escorted his mom Ivana to the inauguration,  is a graduate of Georgetown University.  In their youth, the threesome attended exclusive private schools in the East.

Tiffany graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and was seen touring Harvard Law School last month.     She lives with her mother in California.

Ivanka, who’ll be front and center in the new administration, converted to the Jewish faith when she wed investor and publisher Jared Kushner.  Donald and Eric will oversee the family’ s business empire while their  father serves the country.

The President’s brother, Robert Trump, younger by two years, prefers a quiet life  in Millbrook, New York, where he tells residents he is “one thousand percent behind the president.”  He lives with his former secretary, Ann Marie Pallan, whose family owned and operated the popular resort and spa Gurney’s in Montauk, Long Island.  Robert describes himself as being “gainfully retired.”

The Trump brothers’ sister, Maryanne Barry is a federal judge, and a sister Elizabeth Grau is a retired bank executive.  Older brother Frederick Jr. a pilot with TWA, died in 1981 at the age of 43.

Alcoholism took over Freddy’s life, with the President confessing in a memoir, Trump: The Art of The Deal,  that, after that, he became a non-drinker.

In the long ago during a Tina Brown party for Vanity Fair at the Edison Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, we met Donald and Marla. 

Handsome and charming. A presence. “Are you visiting for The Hollywood Reporter?”


“Any good movies we should see?” We rattled off a few.

“If we want to go to one tomorrow night, what would be your choice?”

After offering our suggestion, the Latino band struck up their hot music. Suddenly, it was one-two-three-kick Conga, and within minutes we were in a Conga line, the Trumps included, and enjoying a sizzling good time. You had to be there.

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