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George Christy Talks About e.baldi, Edoardo Baldi, The Grammy Awards and more.

Adele during the 59th Grammy Awards at Staples Center

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What better than to be welcomed by a beautiful hostess.  Elisa Scalari.  Or as we like to call her, a maitresse d’hotel, milady’s counterpart to a maitre d’hotel.  Elisa’s lovely ringing tones from her charming Italian accent are beguiling to our ears. 

We are arriving with longtime friend and producer Brad Krevoy at Brad’s favorite e.baldi ristorante on North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills.  Where the cognoscenti return again and again for Edoardo Baldi’s supreme cuisine from Italian recipes generated at the Baldi residence in their Forte de Marmi hometown.

Brad was back heli-skiing in Mica, Canada, not far from Calgary.  Where he joins global CEOs for several days of this exhilarating sport birthed by Hans Gmoser in 1965.

Heli-skiing is off-trail, downhill skiing or snowboarding accessed by helicopter instead of a ski lift.

In the long ago, we wrote the first article about heli-skiing at the Laurentians in Canada for Town & Country Magazine.

Entering e.baldi, Brad was greeted by Ken Moelis, the international investment banker, who adivses the Saudi Aramco IPO (trillions, according to Wikipedia).  Ken was dining with wife Julie and son Jordan, all looking younger than springtime. 

We were elated to discover Ken and family are faithful readers of our Courier column. And we were congratulated on our political commentary, noting that we have huevos in a “limousine liberal” community.

The dinner at e.baldi was perfection, no matter what you chose, pastas or seafood or veal, you leave in bliss.

Edoardo offered his good news.  Come April, he’ll open Edo’s, around the corner on Brighton Way, where he’ll prepare Italian breakfasts morning and afternoon, pizzas, sandwiches, etc.  Yes, we’ll be there.  Wherever Edoardo cooks, we consider a visit is a command performance.

Brad Krevoy reported that daughter Sophia has been accepted at Northwestern University, where daughter Olivia is majoring in journalism.   

Proud we are that Olivia interned at the Courier the summer before her graduation from high school.   Brad and Susie’s adorable younger daughter Alexandra is at high school hereabouts.

Brad’s lately bought a Tesla that he praises highly.  “No more gas line,” he says. “I plug it in at night, and it’s ready the next morning … I rarely travel more than the Tesla allows.  A great innovation, with thanks to Elon Musk.”

Brad continues producing his winning streak of movies for Hallmark.  His production schedule includes  Campfire Kids, starring Danica McKellar as a math teacher who finds love while camping.  Also Murder She Baked:  Just Desserts starring Alison Sweeney, the fifth  installment of the  MSB franchise. 

Coming up is The Christmas Inheritance for Netflix, currently being cast.

Meanwhie,  where are we with the mystery of the missing Super Tom Brady’s Patriots jersey  (#12).  Word from appraisers being that if auctioned it might fetch $500,000.  Or more.  Texas Rangers are on the search. During an interview  about the jersey, he was asked about boxer shorts or tighty-whiteys.  Boxers. 

As for the annual Correspondents Dinner in Washington, D.C. in April, now in controversy  over the correspondents anger with the President.

Northwestern’s journalism professor Dan Kennedy vows it should have  dumped long ago.  In truth, it’s a night of getting smashed and bragging about being with the Commander-in-Chief (Trump is a teetotaler).

What the hell is going on in San Francisco with an annual nudist parade along Market Street on Valentine’s Day to “celebrate freedom?”  Please.

Also, let’s think about Chancellor Angela Merkel  begging the million Muslim refugees she invited to be with  her?  Will they now, thank you, take a payoff from her and leave?  Possibly she’s heard that the Dalai Lama’s foresees Germany, with time, will find itself, what with the inroads the Muslims are making, under stringent sharia law.

Ruminating about the uncontrollable lust for power, we’ve come to a conclusion.  Once infected with the power virus (the Clintons, Trump), there is no medication to control it.  Nada.

No antibiotic.

No magic pill. 


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