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Dishing It Up With Sharon Insul—Celebrate Spring With Daffodils And Carrots

Come sit with me for awhile and see what I’m bringing to the table…

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is one of the most familiar expressions used today.  Shhhh  … calm yourselves … take a breath people.  I’m not going  there.  No, no lemons today. You do know I can hear you tsk, tsking righ? Okay, now that you’re all sitting in your comfy chairs, I will get to the point. Yes, yes I know, you all have places to go, and people to see.

My neighbor gifted this pot (first photo), bursting with spring sunshine to me the other day, wishing me a happy season to come. Little did my neighbor know just how much yellow daffodils and daisies, wrap my whole being in a blanket of happiness.

Last year I did an Easter table for six using my happy flower the daffodil with a bit of a twist. Last year’s write up is here:

Daffodils and carrots? Carrots and daffodils are on my agenda this week.

Why you ask? Because spring has sprung out here on the West Coast. The month of March has done exactly that—marched on in with all trumpets blaring. Flowers have flourished, vegetables are abundant.

It’s time to celebrate the coming of spring, so I decided to have a small gathering of friends, to help usher in the brilliant bounty that Mother Nature affords us every spring. Yes, I know Easter is a  few weeks away, however, I decided to give all you “take charge in advance” types a head start by showing you what can be done with very little money (carrots and daffodils $3.57), earth’s amazing bounty, and by stepping out of the box.

As you can see from the second photo, I am the lucky owner of a most unique pitcher. A pitcher that not only has carrot-like feet for the body, but is painted and glazed in amazing life-like carrot and carrot top colors. What better way to celebrate spring’s abundance and  give my special beauty center stage  then to fill it to the brim with carrots and daffodils.

I began with a 1930’s vintage, open-work cotton tablecloth. This particular cloth does have some wear issues. Actually. truth be told, there are a few holes. But that never stops me—no, no no. I then layered a hand-embroidered table runner to cover the damaged area and voila all that can be seen is beauty and abundance. I used white dishes, with vibrant golden yellow napkins, held together with beaded napkin rings in the shapes of flowers of course! Candles, candles, candles—never underestimate the power of candlelight.

Looking for a new twist on the same-old ho-hum table setting? Help is here is Sharon Insul’s new book, a collection of… Tableofferings™ from the go-to expert tablescaper, now on Amazon and vailable in E-book and hardcover.

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Sharon Insul is the former owner of theBeverly Hills boutique Candle light and….









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