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Dishing It Up With Sharon Insul —A ‘Blanket’ Celebration For The Fourth

Posted: Friday, June 30, 2017 – 1:24 PM

Come sit with me for awhile and see what I’m bringing to the table…

I just can’t wait. I tell you the waiting is killing me. I hope I’m not disappointed. I’ve crossed my fingers in hopes that July 4th fireworks live up to last year’s.

To give this year’s event a little bit of an edgy upscale vibe, I’ve decided to go with “4th in a box.” People easy … hang on, let me explain. Sheesh! Rather than do the tried-and-true 4th of July barbecue …no, no, no … wait a second. I just heard someone say OMG, no old fashioned barbecue. Whoa—it’s not the end of the world.

So now that you all have lived through my crushing news, let’s move on. As you know, I am constantly trying to stretch my creativity, and in the process also tweak my friends’ anticipation of my new creations.

This year is going to be a blanket celebration, as in picnic. Yes, yes, you read it correctly. Sorry (giggling). I needed a moment to compose myself, because I just imagined the look on a few of your faces, and I think I heard one, or two of you gasp when the word blanket came out.

To bring all the fixings to the table/blanket I am going to copy the wonderful art of Furoshiki. Someone just said, the what? Oh ye of little faith, please read on.

Furoshiki is the art of gift wrapping with fabric. Anything and everything can be bundled into a square piece of cloth; anything from cotton to the most elegant of silks used for ceremonial kimonos, can be used.

I’m going to bundle each guest’s goodie bag of food into extra large square scarves. For the women each scarf will have a different pattern, and large enough to use as a shawl while watching the fireworks, and as a party favor. And for the men …. hmm … how about a cap embroidered with our American flag?

A big ice chest will hold the “’ice cold pauses that refresh.”

The diagram here is pretty simple to follow. To close the opening (#4), slip one knotted end through the other knotted opening, using the knotted one that you slipped through much like a strap on a purse.

Have a super and safe 4th of July!

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