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Beverly Hills News – Walk With The Mayor Returns!

Posted: Sunday, July 16, 2017 – 12:05 PM

After a two-week summer break, this week walkers are certain to become inspired! Bringing with her the delicate mist of ocean spray from the South of France, Mayor Lili Bosse continues with her weekly adventures in Government 101. Walk with the Mayor, part of Mayor Bosse’s #BHHealthyCity initiative, aspires to make Beverly Hills the world’s healthiest city – in business, in body and in spirit.

Art is life, they say, and this week, when Beverly Hills Mayor Bosse returns to Walk with the Mayor, walkers will celebrate the best art in the City, visiting The Gagosian Gallery and GP DEVA.

“GP DEEVA was founded on the same principles,” said CEO Carol Zhou, “to empower the mind, body and soul.” Zhou says the business, “is more than just a luxury goods company with designs inspired by contemporary art. Rather, it is a movement dedicated to transcend the human spirit into a higher sense of spiritual consciousness by bringing creative beauty into every aspect of daily life.”

Directed by the artistic vision of Zen Master Lee Sun-Don, GP DEVA embodies art with compassionate intention, “awakening the senses both physically and spiritually” through aroma, art, and healthy body care products and teas.

Walk with the Mayor will also visit the world-famous Gagosian Gallery. With galleries in New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Athens, Geneva and Hong Kong, Larry Gagosian began his artistic journey in Los Angeles in 1980, featuring young, contemporary artists including Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism and The New York School.

Gagosian has represented artists from Lichtenstein to Miro, including Ruscha, Meier, de Kooning, and Gehry. Today, the Gagosian Gallery continues to feature the finest art from around the globe, making it a hometown treasure.

Walk with the Mayor is a free, weekly event open to everyone. Each week, Mayor Lili Bosse has a new walking adventure, exploring businesses, places of interest and historic sites throughout the City of Beverly Hills. Walkers meet up every Monday at 8:30 a.m. on the Crescent steps of City Hall.

Walks often include several members of the City staff, and offer unprecedented and informal access to the Mayor and other City officials, as well as a terrific opportunity to meet neighbors, network and make friends. Be at the Crescent steps at 8:30 a.m. Monday with your walking shoes on, and bring the dog, the kids and the neighbor! Spend some quality time with Mayor Lili Bosse, and become acquainted with Beverly Hills Fine Art.

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