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Local Author Sharon Insul’s Children’s Book Trilogy Tells Of Two ‘Lucky’ Sisters

Sharon Insul reading to Hawthorne School kindergartners.

Posted: Monday, July 17, 2017 – 11:36 AM

Resident Sharon Insul, former owner of the stylish boutique Candle light and…, that occupied a spot on Cañon Drive for 17 years, is known for her tablescaping expertise, blog and web presence.

Now, she’s making a name for herself as a children’s author. Her trilogy, I Am Sooo Lucky! is selling on the internet at signings and presentations at book stores from Thousand Oaks to Studio city; and Insul’s become a popular figure at local elementary schools—she’s a three-time reader at Hawthorne.

The three books tell the story of Emily and her little sister Abigail (Abby).

Insul’s inspiration came from watching a friend’s two young daughters, also named Emily and Abigail. “I watched Emily’s reaction to a new baby and that’s where my head went,” says Insul. “I knew I would write a book. I didn’t know there’d be two sequels.”

The first book introduces the 3-year-old big sister Emily, enjoying her role and waiting for her little sister to grow up. She’s off to pre-kindergarten and comes home and stands over the crib, teaching he little sister the songs and rhymes she’s learned.

In the second book, the sisters are older and Abby starts to decide which games she wants to play, becoming an individual in her own right, 

 In the third installment, as a reward for being so “patient, understanding and responsible” with her little sister, Emily gets to plan her own 5th birthday party.

“With so much ugliness in the world, children need to learn kindness,” says Insul, “and hopefully some will stick. Emily learns to show compassion by sharing her toys and teaching Abby things she’s learned at school, so then she’s ‘sooo lucky’ to organize her party.”

But even at the party, Emily presents a gift she made for Abby. “So it’s not all about the birthday girl,” Insul adds.

“It’s a learning process for two children, a couple of years apart,” says Insul, “who learn to adjust and love each other.”

While the book is appropriate for all children, it’s especially relevant for little girls when a second child is on the way. “These books can help circumvent some of the jealousy, which is not unusual if someone else is taking up your space,” says Insul, who has close to 200,000 Facebook followers. “It’s all how you present it.”

What’s the appeal for Insul? “Children’s books are timeless,” she says, “Usually with great stories and often big colorful illustrations.” Insul enjoyed creating all the innocent, childlike art for her books.

And the 24-year resident, whose one daughter attended Beverly Vista, is a strong advocate for reading books. “Children are spending way too much time on their computers.”

The books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and—Steve Simmons

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