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George Christy Talks About Reeve Chudd, Dog Sledding in Alaska, Administrative Promises and more

A family photo of Beverly Hills barrister Reeve Chudd, and wife Marian Mann

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Let’s Talk About …

People You Should know. 

Reeve Chudd.

If broadcaster Larry Elder is The Sage from South Central, Reeve is a Wise Man in Beverly Hills.  Like the Wise Men at the Nativity “following yonder star,” as the Christmas carol goes, Reeve is seeing a guiding light amid today’s news.

A barrister and renowned partner in the Beverly Hills firm of Ervin Cohen & Jessup, Reeve is acclaimed by national and international clients.

A native Los Angeleno, whose Bronx-born dad Lewis Chudd, a record  producer,  tagged him a California  ”prune picker,” Reeve’s a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School, and a former CPA.  He heads the estates and trusts department of his world-famous firm. 

Wed to Marian Mann, Reeve confesses his interests other than his wife are his grandson Jerry Mann, 14, love of literature (a voracious reader), 13-year-old black standard poodle Cathelina, Alaskan dog sledding, and cooking.

“One more thing,” he insists, “I am not on Facebook.”

His astute analyses are revealing, worth knowing and discussing as counterpoints to the big city negativity, yet reflect hope for the heartland‘s support of the administration.

• “Perhaps the most under-reported story is the aggressive program to enhance the Veterans Administration with greater accountability and transparency. The results are already visible, with improvements in access to care, employee morale, greater efficiency and the use of resources in ‘draining the swamp.’   My military veteran friends attest to this supercharged fix that’s only begun to be implemented.  A promise kept.”

• “The stock market,” Reeve reminds, “has a Dow Jones Industrial average and a Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index each of which has gained 8 percent in value.  Also, the tech-heavy NASDAQ is up 14 percent this year. Despite the rumormongering scandals and finger-pointing, the U.S. economy and consumers are shinning brightly.” 

Meanwhile, The Drudge Report this week posted that the Dow Jones Industrial average closed at a record high on Monday as Wall Street cheered on what’s been strong earnings. The 30-stock index rose 60.81 points to close at 21,891.12.  “Another promise kept.”

• About employment, Reeve notes, “The Wall Street Journal and the Bureau of Labor Statistics find job growth in the past six months outdistancing 2016 by a good margin.  The unemployment rate is down to 4.4 percent, with the labor participation growing steadily.  Again, a promise kept.

• “As for immigration,” Reeve continues, “even without President Trump’s wall being built or even funded, and while many major cities have declared themselves sanctuary cities, USA Today reports that illegal immigration has declined by somewhere around 60 percent from last year. I guess there is ‘a new sheriff in town.’ Once more, a promise kept, previously promised by Pres. Bill Clinton, Sen. Harry Reid and Pres. Barack Obama.”

Thank you, amigo Reeve.

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