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George Christy Talks About Dr. Harold Karpman, L.A. Opera, Robert Pattinson and more

Beverly Hills beloved cardiologist Dr. Harold Karpman with wife Molinda, who hosted a dinner for the good doctor celebrating his 90th year at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club, where he has played every weekend. Vintage photos at right are from the family album.

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Club 90.  

The esteemed cardiologist, Dr. Harold Karpman, was installed into Club 90’s elite membership of ranks that include Mel Brooks, Angela Lansbury, Betty White, Sidney Poitier this week.  

During a friendship evening celebrating his August birthday at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club.  Where he’s played tennis for years on end every weekend.  And where his slim trim and savvy wife Molinda hosted the seated dinner with chocolate favors for more than 100.  Family, friends and medical brethren savoring a Lucullan buffet.  How often do we find delicious yams in  a menu of salmon, prime rib, turkey, a luscious and al dente  mostaccioli pomodoro.

Dr. Karpman’s medical colleagues acknowledged his indefatigable care and progress with his patients.   Soft-spoken, kind, considerate, and always available.  

Though he never revealed who his patients were and are the grapevine hints at astronaut Buzz Aldrin, John Gavin and Connie Towers.

His enterprising father Samuel owned the first and much-needed pharmacy in Boyle Heights.  

Dr. Karpman founded the Cardiovascular Research Foundation that’s making headway with new and invaluable developments for heart health.

Honored we were to be at table with Dr. Eli Gang and wife Effie.  The Israel-born Dr. Gang, who performed a procedure on us long ago, informed that extraordinary developments have raised the bar for fewer risks for pacemakers and atrial fibrillation.

Adding to the party spirit were Dr. Ron Carlsberg, Dr. Selvyn Bleifer, who arrived from La Jolla, Dr. Chuck Aronberg, who served as mayor of Beverly Hills.  He escorted his wife Sandy.  Dr.  Aronberg, the opthalmologist, and Dr. Karpman were roommates during their medical training at UCSF.  

Representing the Karpman family were son David, daughter Laura Karpman, the award-winning composer, with partner Nora Kroll Rosenbaum who birthed their son Benny.   

Also: grand niece Eva Karpman, a blonde beauty, who won our heart.   Russian-born and eight years old, she was back from a holiday abroad.  “Visiting Siberia, Moscow, Red Square, all over.  I’m happy to be at school now … my favorite subject is reading.  I just can’t read enough.”  Keep reading, dear Eva, and absorb that knowledge, and you’ll go far.

A first nighter at the Los Angeles Opera premieres, Dr. Karpman is among our opera’s leading benefactors, and on a first-name basis with European and American opera legends.  

We often joined him at intermissions, until the powers-that-be in the opera’s executive offices bounced us off their press list after devoting immeasurable space plus photo layouts to our opera performances and events, as former public relations director Gary Murphy will adhere to.  Gary’s a consultant now with The Wallis, and as expected, bringing his expertise to our cultural growth.

Courier loyalists the likes of Lennie and Bernie Greenberg, Katy and Arpad Domyan are among L.A. Opera’s major supporters, along with Dr. Karpman, and remain our inveterate readers.

All the same, the L.A. Phil loves the Courier, and we are invited to attend coveted events at the Hollywood Bowl and the grand opening of the fall season on September 26 this year.   The opening night gala raises millions and remains a night of nights.

In September The L.A. Opera  opens with Georges Bizet’s crowed-pleasing chestnut, Carmen starring soprano Anna Maria  Martinez.  

Candide follows later, opening January 27th, and celebrating Leonard Bernstein’s centennial.  Bernstein composed the thrilling score, Stephen Sondheim and John Lataouche are among the lyric writers.   

We fell in love with the original 1984 production in New York.  Directed  by Hal Prince, known as the Prince of Broadway, considering his countless blockbuster successes.  

Kelsey Grammar stars as Voltaire in our local production.

On another note, the two directors of Good Times starring Robert Pattinson, who is GQ’s cover model this month, deserve a long hard spanking for asking Robert to sexually abuse a dog on the screen. 

Robert told them to go hit the low road to Hades.  When we find these bozos, we will boot them in the kazoo.  Not once but  twice.  Even thrice.

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