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George Christy Talks About Box Office Perversions, The Clinton Fiascos, Bill Maher and more

Jessie Graff soared during the 2017 Creative Arts Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater

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The cinema scene.  

The Venice International Film Festival jury, chaired by Annette Bening, awarded its Golden Lion to The Shape Of Water, which breaks new ground with Sally Hawkins tackling sex with a sea monster.  

At the Toronto International Film Festival this week, Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalfant go for sex with a peach in Call Me By Your Name. 

Do audiences care to see such movies?

Sad, indeed, to contemplate that our fine actors are out of work. Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Greg Kinnear, Richard Gere, the names are many.  While in decades past Ava Gardner, Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper soldiered on.  

Still, mercifully, Meryl Streep manages to keep her luminous thespian torch burning bright.

Good screenplays, where are they? Our  movie moguls of yore believed that “if it ain’t on the page, it won’t make the stage.” 

Here we go again with Tuesday’s publication of What Happened by Her.  Who’s begging for money.  To hear her speak on her exhausting tour of the country.  

Three thousand dollars allows entry with special seating into one of Her lectures, plus a photo op and an autographed copy of her ya-da-da What Happened, her Blame Game apologia about why she failed  during the battle for the Oval Office against Donald J. Trump.

The hoi polloi, it appears, must pay $50 for random seating in Siberia.

Do the Clintons ever do anything without a tin cup rattling for cash?

Wouldn’t the $3,000 be better served donated for relief toward the hurricane tragedies of Houston and Florida? 

From what we’ve gauged reading excerpts, and from Jennifer Senior’s herky-jerky review in The New York Times, the crybaby memoir has its Comedy of Error aspects.

The Times’ excellent book editor Michikio Kakutani chose a buyout several weeks ago, and we regret missing her perspective take on slogging through these 494 pages of Her paranoia and narcissism and blowing the loss off her chest. 

Stinging arrows are aimed at quite a cast of characters who let her down, from Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, the New York Times (huh?), women who didn’t vote for Her.  The deplorables, of course.  The laundry list rambles on ad nauseam.  She pitifully admits sticking pins in voodoo dolls of  reporters and lawmakers.  

Her shamelessly confesses to drafting only a victory speech.  Conceding was never an issue.

Her bought a multi-million dollar house next door to the Chappaqua residence for her Sercret Service detail to protect her while she was in the White House.

Writing in a Times editorial, feminist author Jill Filipovic views Her as not likeable, nor charismatic.                     

A Rasmussen Report poll finds that 69 percent want her to retire.  Or just go away.

Actually, the Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer barked at her when she was vacillating with excuses about her election loss, and, quoted in the Times that, he fired off that “it wasn’t James Comey or the Russians who lost the election… it was you.”

Let’s not forget Benghazi, the private e-mail server, the constant corruption, etc.

Judging from the vast expanse of her three-month book tour, we fear, Holy Moly Guacamole, she may be prepping for …  guess what? You fill in the blank.  Please say it isn’t so.  A comeback for Huma Abedin?

Her lust for power remains atomic.

The other day Bill Maher suggested that it’s time for Her “to get into her Winnebago and do what white people do.”

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