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George Christy Talks About Emmy Fashions, Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes and more

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban celebrated The 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater

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In the beginning.


The TV Academy folks named it The Immy, after a term for an early camera.  

But after seeing the feminized statuette, all concurred it should be The Emmy.

This week, the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards drew the lowest ratings ever. 


What we’ve been predicting time and again is that the celebrity draw in award shows is passé.  

Truth to tell, our Hollywood scene is giving way to politics and sports, food and fitness.

What’s often  talked about, however, during the aftermath of the shows are the fashions.  

Sadly, the star power is losing its sizzle.    Regretfully, most newcomers appear to be without much staying power.

Conde Nast executives pressed after Vanity Fair’s now-resigned editor Graydon Carter to pursue more Hollywood celebrities, but he sensed the changing of the guard.

Notorious for change through the centuries is fashion.  Our wise mother reminded that fashion is “helplessly restless. and can’t sit down.”  Akathesti moda, as she explained in our native Greek.

Viewing the photo layouts of the  runway designs during New York’s Fashion Week was a curious  display of freaky unwearable.  

Our keen fashion observer Wendy Goldberg found the shows “a mess.” 

Furthermore, the Red Carpet Rodeo fashions we display on our Courier pages are showpieces.  Would that many of our lovely actresses were better able to “walk” their designer gowns.  All gowns, of course, are on loan for the evening, to create a colorful carousel of fun.  Whether they are worn by “somebody” or ”nobody,” who knows if they’ll be worn again.

This month confirmed the whispers about the love affair that has been hidden under the radar.

The four-year romance of Jamie Foxx, 49, and Katie Holmes, 38.  Initially glimpsed in Long Island, dancing at a Hamptons party.  

Insiders were aware they’ve been living together in Jamie’s Westside hacienda.  Ducking out by private plane for holidays in Paris, Mexico and Miami.                     

Jamie’s the father of two daughters, Corinne, 23, and Anelise, 8.  Katie’s daughter, Suri (with Tom Cruise) is 11.  Rumors flourished that Katie and Suri bolted from Hollywood for New York to avoid Big Daddy Tom’s Scientology guru demands.

Katie sports a  diamond ring, and the lovers stay mostly at home, except purportedly for marketing.  

That may change, after being photographed holding hands and strolling through the sands on a Malibu beach.  

A photo such as this doesn’t “just ‘happen.”

Their PR probably convinced them that it’s time to “Come out.”   

The PR calls a photographer, indicates where and when they will be available for a photo op, and, voila, the photographer sails off with a bucketful of cash for an “exclusive.”  

Allowing these two happy people to enjoy a more open life, and be admired around the world.  

Fair enough, and why not?

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