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Month: July 2014

Beverly Hills News – City Staff Closes Sidewalks for Construction at Pedestrian’s Peril

A car swerves into the inside lane to avoid pedestrians walking around the construction site. North Canon Drive is humming with pedestrian activity from Santa Monica - where literally thousands of tourists a day take their first look at the City- to Wilshire Boulevard, where there is a booming restaurant culture supported by the Beverly Canon Garden and the Montage Hotel. Nonetheless, the City's best efforts to deal with the construction on both ends leads pedestrians to either cross the street and walk out of their way to get to their destinations - or walk dangerously into the street, creating traffic hazards that could become life-threatening. 4:25 pm Read More


TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (Oct. 27). You've the savvy to turn a small amount into a hefty sum. This isn't about gambling; it's about intelligent investing. Neatness and organization solve a problem. Those you live with and near will get the benefit of your considerable skill in creating beautiful environments. Adventure calls in November and May. Sagittarius and Capricorn adore you.    

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