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George Christy Talks About Leila Jeffreys, Susie and Brad Krevoy, Birdland and more

Hosts Susie and Brad Krevoy flank guest Leila Jeffrey’s at their party in Santa Monica celebrating the publication of Leila’s Birdland. Brad is the founder and CEO of the Motion Picture Corporation of America.

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In this our life, Lady Luck comes from around the bend and creates a bond of enduring friendship.

With an extraordinary gentleman.  A great son, great husband, great dad, great boss who gives the best of himself to his loyal team.  As well as a philanthropist of note for education, medicine, government, his faith.

A Beverly Hills native and among the hardest working producers, filming here, in Canada and Europe.

Bradley (Brad) Richard Krevoy, founder and CEO of the  Motion Picture Corporation of America, aka MPCA. 

Dining at Toscana some decades ago, we embarked upon a friendship that keeps yours truly in awe of his kindness, generosity, loyalty, and prolific talent infused with originality.

We date back before his ‘leapin’ lizards’ success with Dumb & Dumber, which he produced with Steve Stabler.

His Taking Chance starring Kevin Bacon on HBO became the network’s most watched original film for over five years.  

His Hallmark family movies, now numbering 30, are  legion.  Favorites such as When Calls the Heart, etc.    

Every holiday season, Brad produces the popular Christmas tree-lighting ceremony at the White House.

He often reaches out to support artists and others. As he and his stylish wife Susie Belzberg Krevoy, did last week.  Susie is an acclaimed party planner who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro a year ago.

They hosted a grand soiree attended by Colleen and Bradley Bell, Lauralee Bell with Scott Martin, Catherine Bach, Jack Wagner, Lacey Chabert.  Along with two hundred beautiful young folks at their estate in Santa Monica, overlooking the Riviera golf course. 

The new talents were mighty impressed to be invited for Moscow Mules (ginger-flavored drinks) at their producer’s luxurious residence once owned by Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards.  “I can’t wait to tell my mother,” sighed one  beauty.

The reception honored Leila Jeffreys, renowned for her alluring portraiture of  exotic birds.  Born in Papua. New Guinea, Leila lives in Australia where her consuming love of exotic birds became the passion of her life.

The portraits have been exhibited in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the U.S. and Australia, where she resides in Sydney.

Brad revealed that Brooke Shields, who has starred in his Hallmark movies, made the introduction.

Birdland, Leila’s portraiture book, published by Hachette Australia, was the talk of the party, where copies were immediately ordered.  Framed bird portraits were on sale.

“My life was changed by an amazing place:  Christmas Island. A tiny Australian territory hidden away in the tropical Indian Ocean,” Leila writes in her preface.

“Flying in a small plane, I looked down on imposing cliffs, dark lush green forests, and thousands of pterodactyl-like birds circling on the air current above the jungle. A scene out of Jurassic Park.  Exhilarating. 

“I had by this time become consumed by bird photography.

“Looking into those wise eyes of the birds and their preening pleasures fascinated me.  

“It took a while to  adjust to my bird relationships.  But once we locked into our friendships, they  would dance and then respectfully pose.”

The photographs of those all-seeing wise eyes and gorgeous plumage in Birdland, dear Leila, may convert more of us into dedicated bird watchers.  Like you!

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