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Beverly Hills News – BHPD to Enforce Prohibitions on Parking, Shaving Cream and Silly String

Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2017 – 1:27 PM

The BHPD has released the following scary messages for residents of the City of Beverly Hills: 

Advisory Message for Halloween Events in the City of Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Police Department is looking forward to a festive and safe Halloween evening. Pre-designated areas around the City will be closed to vehicular traffic to increase pedestrian safety. During prior Halloween celebrations, minor vandalism and malicious mischief activity have occurred. In order to ensure the safety and security of all participants and safeguard personal and residential properties, the use or possession of shaving cream, Silly String or an other material that could be used for vandalism will be prohibited in these areas. Officers will be stationed at the event to increase safety and address any criminal violations. 

Any person in possession of material which is used to engage in vandalism or malicious mischief activities may be subject to arrest pursuant to 594 of the California Penal Code and the seizure of related evidence. 

Parents are being provided with this information in advance of Halloween evening and should encourage their children not to engage in such behaviors, nor bring the previously mentioned substances to the Halloween festivities. The Police Department will provide trash receptacles at the event for those who want to voluntarily discard such items.

Previously, the BHPD had sent out the following parking restrictions:

Beverly Hills is establishing “No Parking, Except by Permit” & tow-away zones Halloween evening, Tues, Oct 31, 2017

In response to resident requests, the City of Beverly Hills is establishing “No Parking, Except by Permit” and tow-away zones on Halloween evening, Tuesday, October 31, 2017 in residential areas most impacted by the West Hollywood Carnival. Parking restrictions will be in effect from 4:00 p.m., October 31 through 2:30 a.m., November 1. 

In general, all parking regulations throughout the city will be enforced on Halloween. Additional restrictions for the neighboring streets bordering the City of West Hollywood (Please see attached map) will be posted with temporary signs indicating: “Tow-Away No Parking, Except by Permit.” 

Residents affected by the temporary parking restriction will receive three parking permits for use during the restriction. If more than three permits are required, additional parking permits can be requested through the Department of Public Works by calling (310) 285-2467 or on line at A maximum of seven permits will be granted per household. 

For any parking related issues that may arise during Halloween night, the parking exemption line will be operational until 1:00 a.m. at (310) 285-2548.



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