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George Christy Talks About Queen Elizabeth II, Lynn Von Kersting, Indigo Seas and more

Marah Fairclough partied during the 2017 AMD British Academy Britannia Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel

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Our hunch?  He’s proposed.


Prince Harry, 31, to Meghan Markle, 36.

It appears that Queen Elizabeth II’s etiquette drill masters are addressing Meghan about the royal manners for her life anew as a princess.

To refer to Queen Elizabeth as “Your Majesty” or “Ma’am”.         

How to curtsey, although not obligatory. 

Dining at the royal table like a Brit. 

No gum chewing or snacking on the streets, reports the New York Post’s Jane Ridley.

Another hunch?  

The soon-to-be announcement of Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan.  Her mom Doria’s  a yoga instructor in the Crenshaw area, where Meghan grew up.  Dad Thomas Marshall’s  a lighting designer.  

As an actress, who majored in Theater Arts and International Relations at Northwestern University, Meghan has starred in the successful USA series, Suits, filmed in Toronto, Canada.

Meghan was wed to actor and producer Trevor Engelson from 2011 to 2013. 

She and Prince Harry met during her Goodwill visit to Africa. 

Sources anticipate that the engagement may be forthcoming at the end of this year.  Possibly near Christmas time.

As we’ve noted, Meghan is being groomed with the manners of royalty, guided with the protocol that the royals do not, stress publicly over the demands of constant responsibilities also yea and nay of the Princess’ wardrobe.

Sixth in line for the royal throne,  Prince Harry follows his father Prince Charles, brother Prince William, then children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and the expectant child from Prince William and Princess Kate due in April. 

“You‘ll not meet a more warm-hearted and loving beauty…    not a mean bone in her being,” says Scott Downie, who has photographed the world.   

”So cooperative, so kind and so much fun.” 

New album in town.  Summer Nights On The Rocks. A joyful delight of cocktail party jazz.

Another creative endeavor from Lynn von Kersting, whose artistic gifts are innumerable.  

Having published three exceptional personal books of favorite photos and lyrics and excerpts from authors of renown.   Along with sought-after recipes including the Ivy’s Richard Irving’s famous chocolate chip cookie and other desserts and specialty drinks.   Also recipes for varied popular selections from the Ivy menus.  

She and chef partner Richard Irving launched the Ivy restaurants in West Hollywood and Santa Monica.   And their charming café, Dolce Isola, tagged as the Ivy Bakery on South Robertson Boulevard.  

Lynn has designed all the restaurants with her original flair. Visitors from hither and yon flock to appreciate the always good food and admire the inviting ambiance.

She is the owner of Indigo Seas, where Ralph Lauren shops for one-of-a-kind treasures she scouts from around the world. A shop like no other. 

Lynn’s also produced and directed an alluring film, Mon Reve.

We now have her engaging album, Summer Nights On The Rocks, where she serves as lead vocalist with a torch style.  Performing classics by Steeley Dan, Brian Wilson and Mike Love, Graham Nash.  

She’s accompanied with fine young musicians, all Ivy Staffers: David Alay, Salvador Nava, Gaspare Como, Josue Peralta.  

David Alay expertly plays the music on the prestigious Bosendorfer piano throughout this new adventure from one of our most prolific artists.

The album and unique books are available at the Ivy restaurants and at Inidgo Seas.

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