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George Christy Talks About Liz Smith, Literacy Partners, Diana Ross and more

After receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2017 American Music Awards, Diana Ross sang a medley of her hits, at the Microsoft Theater

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A colossus among columinists.      

A Texas-born honeychild named Mary Elizabeth Smith. 

In time, she became the powerful Liz Smith, devoting a lifetime of introducing the readers of her world-wide  syndicated columns to updating us on what’s out there,  and the along with the anticipated who-and-who we should know.

And, always, supporting successful talents and luminaries such as Barbara Walters, a longtime chum who, after Liz lost her column in the New York Post, appeared too busy to return phone calls. Of such are the disappointments from those we believe, after decades, are our loyalists.

Showering us, as she did, with scoop upon scoop, Liz had Hollywood knocking at her door. 

History will bow to her legend, as it has with columnists Walter Winchell and Dorothy Kilgallen. 

Not only was she a kind, caring and thoughtful journalist, Liz, 40 years ago, founded Literacy Partners.  After learning that Americans by the millions could not read.  She plunged in by raising megabucks at her major charity events.

At last count, more than 27,000 of our citizenry are blessed with the joy of living with the printed page.

The New York Times front-paged her as “the doyenne of dish,” while the New York Post anointed Liz “the dame of dish.”

We add that she’s a beloved humanitarian.

Honored we are to have enjoyed her years-long friendship of the “natural blonde,” as she titled her memoir.  Liz with that the winning smile who couldn’t do enough for you.

Riding high now in the heavens, she’s “playing with stars, and finding out what spring is like is like on Jupiter and Mars.”  To quote songwriter Bart Howard’s classic lyrics from Fly Me To The Moon – one of Liz’s favorite love ballads.

“Gossip,” she wisely reflected, “is news running ahead of itself.”

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