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Bel-Air Developer Closes Stradella Without Permit

Posted: Friday, January 5, 2018 – 1:09 PM

Some Bel-Air residents had some serious problems getting to and from their destinations Thursday morning when they found a portion of Stradella Road completely blocked off by construction crews for a project at 1037 Stradella, which is being developed by Roman James.

Residents report to the Courier that the owner refused to provide a permit for the street closure, so police and ACS Security were called.

L.A. City Inspectors seemed in the dark as to what was going on.

In an e-mail obtained by the Courier, L.A. City Principal Inspector Jack Conger wrote to residents and stakeholders that he had verified with L.A. Department of Transportation that “they do have a permit to block the road for today only.”

Eventually, it took the Bel-Air Association to get to the bottom of the problem. BAA Executive Director Shawn Bayliss visited the site and learned there was, in fact, a permit, but three key conditions of it were not being met – 1.) One lane was to remain open; 2.) Flagmen were to be used for traffic coordination; and 3.) Pedestrian access was to remain open. Bayliss reports that LAPD had the workers stop, remove their trucks and pull in cranes to create an open lane.

During the closure, a nurse was unable to get through to get access to an elderly patient.

Said Bel-Air resident Maureen Levinson: “This has turned into a mantra now:    “What is the penalty?”  If there are no meaningful penalties, bad behavior will continue.”

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