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Jerry Cutler On The Golden Globes—Mother Oprah’s Voice From Hollywood Resounded Throughout The World

Posted: Thursday, January 11, 2018 – 9:01 PM

The celebrities, awards, tears and laughter made for an inspiring Golden Globe evening hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  Regardless who was there, and there were enough stars to brighten a cloud-covered evening. The one standout, however, was Oprah Winfrey whose impassioned speech to the packed ballroom at the Beverly Hilton received several standing ovations—and deservedly so.

Mother Oprah spoke about the collective voice emanating from Hollywood that resounded throughout the world. “Me Too” everyone shouted, men and women alike.

The “Weinsteins” and others should never get away with touching or grasping or baring themselves before embarrassed actresses or unsuspecting youths and minors.

As the night progressed, the great Frances McDormand was awarded Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama for her role in the drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – which should have won for the best title, as well.

She won over a few contenders including Sally Hawkins who appeared in The Shape Of Water. (Not my favorite film by a long shot.) My question is, did anyone in the Foreign Press see Ms. Hawkins performance in Maudie, an exceptional motion picture shot in Nova Scotia and based on the life of artist Maud Lewis? Her portrayal of the malformed Maudie (1903-1970) who was in terrible pain and bullied throughout her life because of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, was more than worthy to be nominated and win. In my review I wrote that if she doesn’t win the Oscar for her performance I will stop reviewing movies. Hopefully, you will still be reading my reviews following the Oscar presentations.

As for the stunning actors and actresses all dressed in black and the heartfelt speech from the iconic Oprah, (I, being the proud father of five daughters, am in total agreement with them) I cannot go away in silence.

And, what about the gratuitous and implicit sex scenes when the actress is naked and simulating torrid love making? Why can’t the actress just say, “no.” And, I need not tell you of the answer. Do you remember Hitchcock’s, amazing To Catch A Thief thriller as a romantic Grant and Kelly disappear from the screen and the camera pans to fireworks on the Mediterranean? Or, to the many directors who pan from actors to a flickering candle to indicate possible love making? Where is The Hays code when we desperately need it?

Have our producers and directors no idea that buck-naked and full-blown sensuality, or women being beaten and harassed until they submit, is stimuli for whackos and impressionable teen-agers and immature men? Have we, all of us, thought about the many thousands of sexual predators who have raped and sometimes killed innocent beautiful girls and women? Sex offenders who are sitting in jail and waiting for the day when they will be released – and many of them will be so they can see a film produced by men and women who are looking for new and far more uninhibited ways to show gratuitous sex scenes. Incidentally, the recidivism on sex crimes is huge.

How stand you? If you have the conscience and if you have the time dear fellow SAG members, let us band together and bring a sense of decency to Hollywood so that it will regain its stature and actresses will no longer have to fight or submit to those whose gutter tactics have brought us to this terrible time. If you are ready to “act” – call #Me Too.

Jerry Cutler, the Courier’s film critic, is rabbi at the Creative Arts Temple.



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