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George Christy Talks About Nancy Davis, The Race To Erase MS, Avra Greek Restaurant and more!

Race To Erase MS founder Nancy Davis, hosted the 25th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala which raised $1.6 million at The Beverly Hilton. With Nancy are husband Ken Rickel, and 13-year-old twin daughters Isabella and Mariella Davis.
Anne Heche
Francesca Capaldi
Paris Sanders

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“Of course we wouldn’t miss this opening night at Avra, at the suggestion of celebrity stylist Jazmine Gandhi.  

“Avra is the new Greek restaurant at 233 North Beverly Drive in the MGM building in Beverly Hills,” reports our local realtor Elgart Aster.

“In a word.  We found Avra fabulous!  Fifty shades of beige stone and wood.  A Mediterranean Mecca where we enjoyed all of the food.”  

They lapped up taramasalata (red caviar whip), melintzanosalata (eggplant whip), and scordalia (a pungent garlic dip).  

Elgart loved the charcoal-grilled halibut with spanakoriso (spinach and rice), and a side of fasolakia (string beans with tomato dressing).

His partner Paul Swerdlove praised the king salmon with marinated vegetables.

We also hear that the karathopita (a cinnamon scented walnut cake) is out of this world.

Luxuriously designed by the Rockwell Group, Avra seats several hundred diners in different rooms, along with a dining patio.

A seafood destination restaurant, Avra is making a big noise in our town.

We’ll visit in several weeks after everything shakes down and report more details.


A gem and a genius is what you are, dear Nancy Davis.

In the 25 years that you created and hosted the newsmaking Race to Erase MS, you have raised more than $49 million to support research for this devastating disease.  Which you were diagnosed with, and became determined to do all that you could to improve life for the millions of multiple sclerosis sufferers.  

Multiple sclerosis dates back to the Middle Ages and remains one of the most common diseases of the nervous system.  Affecting people of all ages throughout the world.  

All the same MS has a special preference for young people, women, and those in northern latitudes.

While it has a genetic susceptibility, it is not directly inherited.

It causes attacks of neurological symptoms.  Vision loss, paralysis, numbness, and walking difficulties.

Symptoms may be diverse and confusing, often coming and going without any expectation, constantly creating difficulty for diagnosis, even today.  

Nancy claims her MS was triggered by a skiing accident and the stress of an unfortunate marriage.

“You lose feeling in your hands, you can’t drive, write, do a lot of things that you took for granted,” informs Nancy.  Symptoms include numbness or tingling.  Unusual fatigue or exhaustion.  Vision loss or double vision.  Poor coordination or difficulty walking.  Bladder problems.  Slurred speech. 

Nancy’s 25th Silver Anniversary Race to Erase MS Gala at The Beverly Hilton last week raised more than $1.6 million.  The crowd included La Toya Jackson, Vanna White, Camille Grammer, Avril Lavigne, Johnathon Schaech, Rumor Willis, Scott Rogowsky. 

Young celebrities dressed the runway in the Alice + Olivia fashion show that had the audience jumping.

Among the models: Victoria Justice, Serayah, Francesa Capaldi, Paris Sanders, Ajiona Alexus, Nala Wayans, Sharon and Kelly Osborne.

Nancy’s 13-year-old twins Isabella and Mariella Rickel strutted on the runway to the pride of Nancy and husband and daddy Kenny Rickel, the investment banker.  

The Alice + Olivia brand was created by Stacey Bendet, whose husband is Eric Eisner, the son of Jane and Michael Eisner, who joined the gala enthusiasts.

Entertainers included Flo Rida (introduced by Randy Jackson), Elle King (introduced by Peter Facinelli), Siedah Garrett (introduced by Anne Heche). 

Nancy’s flawless planning and organizing, with strong support from her devoted friend Lynne Palmer, convinces us once more that she could run a film or television studio.

We bow to you, dear Nancy, and pray, along with you, that the MS cure is not far off.


We had good reason to call 911.  At the wise insistence of Howard Celnik, the activities director at the Fireside Health Care Center, who was concerned about our symptoms.  

The 911 response from Fire Station 37 in Westwood was immediate with an impressive crew that ambulanced us to Saint John’s Health Center.  

In charge was 911’s Justin Clayton, of the deep sonorus voice that would be ideal in a performance of King Lear.  His assistant Tyler Ence proved consistently helpful.

At Saint John’s ER, we were in the best hands of Dr. Maria Laplant.  Slim and stunning, she served as a flight surgeon during her service with the U.S. Air Force.  

Looking after us were mother Mary and daughter Megan, our nurses, along with their assistant Albie. 

We could not have asked for better help and attention, and are intensely grateful.

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