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Branden Williams Authorizes Inspection of Petition Signatures in Basement Ordinance Referendum

Posted: Monday, May 7, 2018 – 9:55 PM

By Victoria Talbot

Hilton & Hyland real estate agent Brandon Williams has authorized a request to review the all memoranda from the City Clerk and the County Registrar/Recorder County Clerk regarding disqualified signatures on the petition for a referendum to repeal the Basement Ordinance.

The letter received by the City Clerk Monday read: 

Dear Mr. Pope:

RE: Request to Review “Referendum Against an Ordinance Passed by the CityCouncil (Ordinance No. 18-0-2751)” and Related Documents Pursuant toCalifornia Government Code Section 6253.5

Thank you for providing us with your May 4, 2018 “City Clerk’s Certification That There Are Insufficient Signatures On A Referendum Petition,” as well as Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean Logan’s May 4, 2018 letter regarding the results of the Registrar’s verification of signatures on the above-referenced referendum petition.

Pursuant to California Government Code Section 6253.5, request is hereby made toreview the “Referendum Against an Ordinance Passed by the City Council (Ordinance No.

18-0-2751)” (the “Petition”), and all memoranda prepared by the Registrar’s office in the examination of the Petition indicating which registered voters signed the Petition, in orderto determine which signatures were disqualified and the reasons therefor.

We would like for this process to begin as soon as possible, and we thank you for your assistance with this important matter.

The letter was signed by Bradley Hertz of the Sutton Law Firm. 

Hertz was the attorney Hilton & Hyland real estate agent Branden Williams authorized to submit signatures for a petition to rescind the City of Beverly Hills’ new Basement Ordinance, which came up 25 signatures short, according to the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder’s office.

City Clerk Byron Pope announced the failure to obtain 10 percent of the signatures of Beverly Hills registered voters in a letter May 4, which said, “ I certify that the number of valid signatures on the petition is 2,055 which is 9.88% of the registered voters and therefore the petition is deemed insufficient. Accordingly, the results of the examination are hereby certified.”

Following the request, Pope requested a letter of authorization from Williams’ to permit Hertz to request the review. Williams, who withdrew from the referendum committee April 6, sent a letter to Pope Monday afternoon authorizing Hertz as the representative.

As the proponent for the referendum, he is the sole person authorized to request the review. Hertz is not a resident nor is he a registered voter in Beverly Hills. 

In a public relations statement issued through Foley Freisieben, Hertz said:

“After submitting 2,966 petition signatures to the Beverly Hills City Clerk in opposition to the City’s recently passed basement ordinance, Bradley W. Hertz of the Sutton Law Firm, the attorney for Beverly Hills Residents for Preserving Property Values, issued the following statement:

“As Branden Williams stated last week, he resigned as the referendum committee’s treasurer and principal officer on April 5th.

“The committee accepted Mr. Williams’ resignation on April 6th and will soon file paperwork with the Clerk regarding the committee’s new treasurer and principal officer.

“In connection with Mr. Williams’ earlier involvement in the referendum, however, he had authorized me to submit the petition on his behalf, which I did.

“Once the petition signatures are validated by the City Clerk, the City Council will have an opportunity to repeal and revisit the basement ordinance, or to present it to the voters to decide whether the extreme restrictions imposed on property owners by the ordinance are fair and reasonable.”

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