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Beverly Hills Voters Pass Measure BH

Posted: Wednesday, June 6, 2018 – 6:43 AM

By Laura Coleman

With all precincts (100 percent of the vote) reporting, Beverly Hills residents voted to approve the passage of Measure BH in yesterday’s election.

The $385 million construction bond will be used to create a seismically safe 21st century learning environment for Beverly Hills Unified School District students, half of whom now learn inside temporary portable classrooms.

According to the final tally, Measure BH received 59.47 percent of the vote. A total of 2,302 residents voted ‘Yes’ and 1,569 voted ‘No’ on the measure.  Measure BH required 55 percent of the electorate to vote for it in order for it to pass. 

Once the bonds are issued for sale, property owners are expected to pay a tax increase of an average of 4.4 cents on $100 of assessed value for up to 25 years, with the amount diminishing markedly in the final decade.

The school district is currently in the middle of a massive construction program to renovate and seismically upgrade BHUSD. While the lion’s share (over $300 million) of the Measure BH bond is slated to go towards making major renovations at Beverly Hills High School, the bond also earmarks $13.59 million for classroom technology and $46 million to complete El Rodeo’s current construction program.


One response to “Beverly Hills Voters Pass Measure BH”

  1. So, Beverly Hills voters pass Measure BH. Congratulations to all the voters that voted Yes on this measure. Your homes that cost two million dollars when you bought it (not much available in that price range nowadays) is now going to cost you an extra 880.00 a year, for the next 25 years. So, now you will have to pay more than 22,000.00 over that time on built in obsolescence. When a new measure is proposed three or four years from now asking for another 300 million to replace all the damaged subflooring, or damaged foundation from recurring earthquakes, or cost efficient lighting fixtures or other, don’t complain when we are all asked to pay even more. Monies that were raised in past bond measures should have covered all these costs. Where did all this money go?

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