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Hawthorne School’s 1948 Third Grade Class Holds 70th Reunion

From left: Bruce Hammer, Bruce Carroll, Peter Block, Tony Rose, Audrey Bishop, Jessica Perrin, Ted Tanaka and Jonathan Epstein.

Posted: Friday, June 22, 2018 – 3:11 PM

School bonds seem to last forever. A  group of Hawthorne School third-graders held a reunion Monday—70 years after first becoming friends. Several member’s of the school’s 1948 class had not seen each other since graduation.

This was the first reunion of the group and nearly 30 attended.

 The afternoon started at the Beverly Hills’ school where attendees enjoyed a tour led by Interim Principal Richard Waters. 

“The classrooms were familiar, but the new additions, the Hawthorne garden, and the expansion of the North playground were all new to us,” said class member Arthur Kraus, founder of Capital Intelligence Associates and inductee into the American College of Financial Services Alumni Hall of Fame.

“There’s no question that we found the classrooms were smaller than memory recalls,” said Alice Lynn, one of the event organizers.

“We got a lovely history of the school up until the present; and we were thrilled to hear that they had maintained their high scholastic standards,” Kraus added.

He even received a phone call from one of Hawthorne’s most senior teachers, Rachelle Marcus, after the Courier published an article about the reunion on June 15.

 After activities at the school, reunion-goers gathered at the Venice Beach home of Kraus and his wife, Rini.

Among the attendees were: Audrey Bishop from Melbourne, Australia; Peter Block from Cincinnat; Sue Holzman from New Zealand.; retired conductor Ken Klein who led symphonies around the globe and met his wife, a pianist, in Vienna, and Tony Rose, Ph.D., author and lecturer.

When the evening ended, everyone left with a souvenir Hawthorne lunchbox.
“Our classmates were and are memorable,” added Lynn. They include:
 • Cynthia Brown, daughter of Johnny Mack Brown, who in the 1940’s, was a famous movie star in Westerns;
• Ted Tanaka, who entered second grade after spending three years interred at the Manzanar Camps, was the only minority student in his class, and rose to develop his own international business consulting firm;
• Jessica Perrin Silvers, who recently retired as a Superior Court of Los Angeles County judge and is the daughter of Nat Perrin, Hollywood writer and producer who wrote for the Marx Brothers;
• Ron George, who became chief justice of the California Supreme Court;
• Bruce Carroll, who was a producer at ABC news for 28 years;
• Marilyn Lederman, who became a professor of social entrepreneurship at UCLA;
• Steve Reed, whose father was actor Alan Reed;
• Kate Edelman Johnson, film producer and daughter of film producer Louis Edelman, who after her husband’s death, supported research on the prevention and cure of Alzheimer’s;
• Sally Kincaid, who became a rabbi, and
• Architect Ron Goldman, who has advised both the California Coastal Commission and the City of Malibu on commercial and residential design standards.
Lynn herself went on to become a therapist in Santa Monica for more than 45 years.



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