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Dishing It Up With Sharon Insul—Just Because It’s After Labor Day, Doesn’t Mean You Have To Follow The Rules

The centerpiece features a cherry basket filled with decorative pumpkins, edible pears, eggplant, squash and highlighted with candles in tones of turquoise and burnt orange. A large faux pear sits near a fallen branch and eucalyptus stems.
Earth-tone dinner plates stacked with burgundy soup bowls hold hand-carved salad bowls and a juicy red pear.

Posted Saturday, September 8 – 8:09 p.m.

Come sit with me for awhile and see what I’m bringing to the table…

Since I am considered a maverick when it comes to decorative conformity I find it most difficult to comply with some unknown person’s edict.

It’s 80 degrees under a sparkling crystal clear bright blue sky. Now I know the news keeps saying after Labor Day this, and after labor day that and you all know the rules—blahhh, blahhh, blahhh—however. Rules, rules, rules. Humpfff! 

Most of you are more than likely familiar with ‘The cardinal rule’ No. 1. Oooops, sorry. My bad. For those of you who just said what is rule No. 1, grab a seat and have a listen. Someone, somewhere, way back in the days of yore proclaimed a fashionista/decorative edict that was to be carried out throughout the land. Hear ye, hear ye, out with the white and bright color tones and in with the rustic tones of fall.

So there is no misunderstanding, I personally am not, I repeat, not ready for summer to end, however, requests have been rolling in for a preview of fall tablescapes to come , so since I love my readers, and truly appreciate your enthusiasm and input, I give you the beginnings of fall.

The centerpiece in the first photo began with a beautiful vintage cherry basket. What makes this a cherry basket?  Look closer—come on take a sec. Remember it’s all in the details, details, details. Within the large carry basket sits four individual cherry containers. Yes, of course it could have held other fruits, however I am crazy about cherries. I filled it with decorative pumpkins, edible pears, eggplant, squash and highlighted it with candles in tones of turquoise, and burnt orange. A large faux pear sits near a fallen branch and eucalyptus stems.

In the second photo are earth-tone dinner plates stacked with burgundy soup bowls holding hand-carved salad bowls, and a juicy red pear nestled inside of each turquoise bowl. Small wood trays that I have used for individual cheese servings will serve as a bread/cheese and butter plate. Knives are by Laguiole.  Comments?

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