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George Christy Talks About Reeve Chudd, President Trump, Boy Erased and more!

Jerry Mann, the grandson of attorney Reeve Chudd, loves Reeve’s standard poodle Cathelina
Director and screenwriter Joel Edgerton and his star, Nicole Kidman, during the Focus Features presentation of Boy Erased in a Los Angeles special screening at the Directors Guild Of America
Twins Emily and Elizabeth Hinkler
Madelyn Cline

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Sharing his views on the news is the distinguished attorney Reeve Chudd, who we long ago named the wise man of Beverly Hills.Alongside the popular broadcaster Larry Elder, the sage of South Central.

Reeve is a partner of the Estate Planning, Probate and Trusts Department at Ervin Cohen & Jessup LLP, having joined the prestigious firm in Beverly Hills after graduating from law school.

“With all of the shootings, bomb threats and other violence being perpetrated these days, is it really productive that the media spends endless airtime blaming the President?”

“One can just as easily point to a plethora of the President’s opponents who, since his inauguration, have extolled the virtues of physical acts against Republicans.

• “Such as ‘blowing up the White House’ (Madonna);

• “Showing Republicans ‘no civility’ (Hillary Clinton);

• ‘You kick them’ (Eric Holder);

• “Or mob them when they ‘show their face in public’ (Maxine Waters).

“And at the same time, network news under-reports or ignores completely violence from Antifa and other Alt-Left groups in cowardly masks.

“Of course, now that people have died in the violence, these same accusers point the finger at the President, or are silent or sheepishly inquiring, ‘Can’t we all get along?’

“When an avowed Democrat gunman attacked a Republican softball game and almost killed Rep. Steve Scalise, the Washington Post didn’t even mention the assailant’s political affiliation in all of its reporting, but a year later, when apparently ineffective bombs were sent to Democratic representatives and supporters, the Washington Post top front page headline referred to the bomb-maker as a “Trump supporter”.

“If hypocrisy were dollars these days, it could satisfy the national debt.When did it become politically correct to encourage these shameful acts with rhetoric? 

“There must be an abundant surplus of mirrors available somewhere, because no one seems to be looking in them.”

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