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Frances Allen’s Desert Roundup—Gay Pride Symbol Co-Designer Talks Part in Palm Springs Parade

Lynn Segerblom
Lucie Arnaz

Posted Friday, November 9, 2018 - 3:17 pm

Who designed the multi-colored symbol of the LGBTQ?  It was designed by three people in San Francisco about 40 years ago, one of whom, Lynn Segerblom, (the others were James McNamara and Gilbert Baker), marched in the Palm Springs Gay Pride Parade that ended this year’s Gay Pride Week festivities with a two-mile march down Palm Canyon Drive, the heart of “New Palm Springs.” Those who didn’t march, watched and cheered as the multi-colored 200-plus groups and organizations that took part in the march passed by.

Children also participated in the Gay Pride Parade, but this year children walked together. It wasn’t the first time a younger contingent participated in the parade; for years groups of students from Coachella Valley and High Desert schools marched together as a group to show their solidarity and support.

Also, like in past years, there was a large amount of LGBTQ support supplied by the canine community. Their example of getting along, no matter what breed, sets a good behavior example of how-to-get-along, regardless of the occasion.

• • • • •

It wasn’t that long ago that when a child’s school day was over he/she couldn’t leave the schoolhouse quickly enough. One not-for profit organization is seeking ways to change this attitude, one school at a time.

Tools For Tomorrow (TFT) is an on-site after school literacy enrichment program integrating writing, drama, art and music for Coachella Valley elementary school children grades 3-2 at no cost to the children.

TFT provides on-site, integrated, hands-on programs designed to supplement child’s educational experiences. Classes are held five days a week, at the participating individual schools after regular school hours and with the material taught by professional instructors.

The costs are free for the students, including all supplies and musical equipment; but, the cost to TNT is approximately $10,000 -– per child.

That’s why there are fundraisers, and TFT will have a “Golden Age of Hollywood”-themed fundraising event on Jan. 27, 2019 honoring local resident, Lucie Arnaz, with TNT’s Vision for the Future Award acknowledging the life and contributions of this extremely talented writer, director and performer.

More information about TFT, its programs and eligibility are available at 760-601-3954.



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