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Dishing It Up With Sharon Insul—No Mantel? No Problem

Posted Friday, December 14, 2018 - 1:22 pm

Come sit with me for awhile and see what I’m bringing to the table…

Some people make a mountain out of a molehill. I on the other hand choose to make a mantel out of a table. Abracadabra— no fuss, just fun.

I know you’re all very busy with one holiday or another, sooo in the interest of time and waning patience, I give you an updated no fireplace mantel of bits-n-pieces in the photos here. OMG! People calm yourselves this one is really a no-brainer. All that’s left are the stockings to be hung.

Can’t spare a table? How about a chair? Making something out of nothing is my forté. This is what I’m known for. I love, love, lovvvve mixing bits-n-pieces. What? You all don’t see it? Come on look again.

Honestly — it was always there. No, no joke. Where? Oh that’s easy. Everywhere. In your cupboards, closets, drawers. Just take a look. I use whatever strikes my fancy, no holds barred, it’s all fair game—scarves, remnants of vintage textile, feathers, even pieces of broken pottery.

Most of the time it’s pieces that are right in front of your eyes but, were scattered here, there and everywhere. 

So gather those bits-n-pieces from around the house and give them an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny fluffing. Take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and hocus-pocus alakazam —one fancy-schmancy no fireplace mantel.

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Sharon Insul is the former owner of the gBeverly Hills boutique Candle light and…


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