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George Christy Talks About Pete And Madelyn Hammond, Movie Spoofs, Holiday Cards and more!

This year’s Holiday Greeting, inspired by 1950’s Sunset Boulevard, from Madelyn and Pete Hammond is another collector’s item for the 1000 lucky folks on their mailing list.

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Creative surprises arrive unexpectedly. As happened with marketing maven Madelyn Hammond and husband, Pete Hammond, our Chief Film Critic/Columnist for Deadline Hollywood.

In the long ago, they were putzing around on a Hawaii beach, and found themselves imitating the legendary photograph of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr embracing on the Honolulu sands in the film From Here To Eternity.

They printed copies of their fun as a Christmas card for that year, and the mail went viral.

Consequently, in years following they chose a classic film to spoof. As they have this year with Billy Wilder’s classic, Sunset Boulevard (1950).

Madelyn portrays the fabled Gloria Swanson in the iconic Norma Desmond role of a faded Hollywood star. With Pete impersonating Gloria’s butler, Max, who was cast in the film as Erich von Stroheim.

“We love Billy Wilder and love the idea of reminding people of the great movies he has made, like Sunset Boulevard. Also as we did with The Seven Year Itch in years past,” says Pete.

“None greater than Sunset Boulevard, the ultimate Hollywood story.

“We also know that 2018 is the year of co-star William Holden’s centennial, he would have been 100. And this is a way of remembering him.

“How can you beat Gloria Swanson’s infamous dialogue that still rings true: ‘I AM BIG … it’s the pictures that got small.”

The Hammonds’ image of the movie leads this layout of other films that they’ve cleverly and attractively spoofed as our Christmas card treat.

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