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George Christy Talks About New Year Traditions, Cher, Aquaman and more!

Cherilyn Sarkisian, born in Los Angeles, went on to conquer the world as the iconic singer Cher. The Cher Show at New York’s Beacon Theatre is drawing crowds, and critics are offering high praise.
Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard walked the “Blue Carpet” for the Warner Bros. Aquaman world premiere at the TCL Chinese Theater
Jason Momoa with Lisa Bonet
Terry Crews with son Isaiah Crews

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Another New Year arrives.

Champagne corks popping here and there, and spectacular fireworks everywhere.

Four thousand years ago, the first New Year was kicked off with an 11-day festival by the Babylonians honoring the spring harvest. 

Centuries later, Pope Gregory XIII declared now and forever New Year’s Day will fall on January 1st, and annual customs began forming.

Eating seven to twelve meals on the eve of the New Year became a tradition in Estonia. Citizens believed these meals gave them greater strength for the future.

Denmark citizenry committed a practice of tossing dishes at the doorsteps of other residents. With the hope of bringing new friends to the house where the dishes are tossed. Go figure.

Twelve grapes are eaten in Spain at midnight on New Year’s Eve to assure twelve months of happiness.

At midnight in Japan, bells and gongs banish bad spirits.

The Dutch create street bonfires from Christmas trees to destroy the evil karma from the past and bring blessings and good tidings.

Youngsters in Portugal stroll from home to home singing classic songs and are rewarded with sweets and coins.

In Greece, a gold or silver coin is baked into a sweet bread, vasilopita, with the desire that riches will be bestowed to whoever receives the slice with the surprise.

The Sydney Shoreline in Australia that goes on for 40 miles is jammed with millions of bystanders admiring and applauding the fireworks.

Should you want to be among the first to welcome the New Year, plan to visit the Pacific island nation of Kiribati, located in the world’s earliest time zone, to share your greetings for the best of times.

Meanwhile, the last place to ring “dem bells” for the New Year, the American Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean will welcome you.

Last week in Beverly Hills, designing genius Bob Mackie flew in to celebrate New Years Eve with his loyal and gorgeous Mitzi Gaynor, whose costumes he’s designed for her fantasy Las Vegas shows and fabled Razzle Dazzle television performances, etc.

He’d been in New York for eight months designing costumes for The Cher Show at the Neil Simon Theatre, where the production’s “packing them in… a hit, as expected.”

Three singers portray Cher. The Rolling Stone’s Mary Portwood describes Cher’s various stages in a six decade story. From the “teenage Cherilyn Sarkisian to the grown-up goddess warrior.”

Broadway Journal critic Philip Boroff observes that the show encompasses “the young tv star seeking to gain control of her career from the men around her. And the iconic singer/movie star/personality who ends the show doing one farewell tour after another.”

Happy New Year everyone, and may you dance the tango with your one and only all year long.

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